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ALL the Hits– The Best Rock, Pop and Hip Hop and NOW with over a thousand Z Music Crew members selecting the music every month…  YOU really make the choices!!!  When it comes to music, our Music Director Cale Nelson (cale@theZ.com) counts on your input to make it the best mix of Christian Hits on the Radio!  Take a minute and join us! Click here to sign up!

And if you want to request a song NOW…
Text your request to 20300 – be sure to start with key words “Get Song” then let us know what we can play for you! Of course you can also call 1-877-441-HITS or post a request on Faceboook at www.Facebook.com/thezradio

To see the most played songs on TheZ click on our Rock, Pop and Hip Hop tabs as well!


  1. Hey im Timothy Harrison, and i listen to yall’s radio station none stop i love all the bands and music and i listen to 93.3 every sunday mornings from 8 to 10 before i go to church. I love you guys and girls(:

  2. james lott says:

    ya’ll should play lift up your face by third day.. please!!!!!!!!!!!

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