All About HD Radio

What is HD Radio?
HD Radio is “High Definition Radio,” the new standard for radio broadcasting. It gives His Radio 89.3FM the ability to broadcast three different radio stations on 89.3FM. You’ll be able to hear two new channels, HisRadioZ and His Radio Praise. You can sample His Radio Praise at

Will I have to buy a new radio receiver?
In order to hear the new channels you will need a new digital receiver, or you can stream here at

How can I get an HD Radio Receiver?
You can purchase an HD Radio at Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, and Because HD Radio is new some sales staff might not know what you are asking about. But, these stores do sell HD Radio. Due to limited quantities the stores sometimes sell out, but can reorder for you.

Will I have to pay a monthly subscription fee for HD Radio?
No. Unlike the current providers of “digital radio” (the satellite radio companies Sirius and XM), which act like a cable service, charging consumers about $10 per month – HD stations such as His Radio Z will continue to provide their programming at no monthly subscription to the listener.

Will HisRadioZ sell commercials?
No! His Radio is a listener supported radio station. Listening friends just like you can help make a difference in the lives of students and young adults through your gifts of support.

Who is programming His Radio Z 89.3-HD2?
His Radio has partnered with Britt Dillard and Ken Farley of Both have a heart for today’s generation, displayed through our Z music and programming.

To learn more about HD Radio go to