It’s not about religion.
        God is waiting for a personal relationship.

Because they don’t like church, or “churchy” people, many have decided that they don’t want religion. Guess what? Religion isn’t what anyone has ever needed, and it is not what TheZ is advocating. Religion has never gotten anyone into heaven, and pious living hasn’t gotten anybody closer to God.

The living God who created the universe is not sitting up in heaven hoping that you find religion. He is waiting for you to find Him.

In the beginning, the human race was created to be friends with God. With love he crafted each person, desiring to walk with them in a close alliance. That is true of you also. He knows you better than you know yourself, and He still wants to be close to you. He wants to walk with you through this life, talk you through the difficult moments that our society lobs your way, and direct you to the paths that are going to provide protection, fulfillment, and purpose.

Although God longs for a relationship with everyone, not all walk with Him closely. To have an intimate relationship, you must first recognize that you need Him.

“Religion has never gotten anyone into heaven”

God has an enemy, and milleniums ago, his enemy attacked what He loved the most. He ambushed the human race trying to destroy their connection with God. When that happened, it changed the make-up of us all. When evil connected with the first humans, it became part of our nature. It rested in all of our bloodlines. We are all sinners.

Now, you might have a hard time with that concept. You might want to jump up and argue that you aren’t that bad. However, unless you are perfect (according to God’s standards), then you are a sinner. And there is only one who has been perfect.

As loving as God is, His nature also demands justice. Sin demands death. Either the death of the sinner, or the death of a substitute. Because His heart would have broken if He were to put to death His “friends”, God chose to provide a substitute.

A little over 2,000 years ago, God’s only son Jesus was sent from heaven to earth to be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all humanity.

So, now a relationship with God and His son is possible; and actually much easier than you would expect. All a person must do to enter into relationship with God who loves you perfectly and will never turn his back on you is invite Him to be a part of your life.

This decision is sealed in your heart when you recognize that God loves you, that you need Him to overcome your sin, and when you surrender your heart to Him. When you make this decision, you realize that you are giving up your ways, dreams, and plans for the ones that He had in mind when he created you.

The benefits are irresistible. In return for this decision, you receive the promise of heaven. You don’t have to be afraid of death, because you now are guaranteed eternity. However, there are so many other promises that are yours as well. He will offer forgiveness for all of the sins and mistakes in your past. You are promised peace, help, and hope as you walk through life. And, you are guaranteed that God will always be right there with you.

Sounds great doesn’t it? However, by ignoring Him, some will continue to walk separated, never able to hear Him calling out. Others, will avoid him all together simply because they aren’t willing to live with Him and for Him.

What about you? Are you ready to begin a relationship with the God who created you? If your heart is right, it is actually very simple. All you have to do is pray a simple prayer like this:

“God, thank you for loving me. Even though I don’t deserve your love, I can’t ignore it.
I recognize that I am a sinner and I need Jesus. Without His substitute, I would have to
pay for my own sins. God, I choose you. I want a relationship with you. Would you please
come and be a part of my life? I surrender everything that I am to you. Forgive me of
my sins, and change me from the inside out. Help me as I begin this new relationship with you. Teach me as I go. I love you, thanks for loving me. Amen”

Did you pray that prayer from your heart? Is there something that is telling you that you need to begin a relationship with Jesus? If so, would you let us know? email [email protected] and you can know those of us at TheZ  will be praying for you by name. Also, we will contact you asap, just to encourage you and give you an opportunity to ask questions about your new relationship with Jesus.