Phone Apps

You can use an app on your mobile phone, tablet, or mobile device to listen to TheZ anytime. You can also connect your mobile device to external speakers to share Z music.

Download FREE TheZ app by searching for HisRadioZ in the app store. Download the app and you have access to all 3 stations, The main His Radio music for Mom, HisRadioZ for the Rock and HipHop kids in your family (old & young) and HisRadio Praise for all!

This app allows you to listen and surf, check texts or email, etc. all WHILE you have the soundtrack for Life Turned Up rocking your phone or tablet!

Here is another “not free” app that allows you to set a favorite station, pause, and rewind:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad: TuneIn Radio app, $0.99 in the App Store
  • Android: Free app on the Android Marketsearch for “TuneIn Radio
  • Windows Phone Free in the Windows App Store- Search for “TuneIn Radio”

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