Say What?

What people are saying about The Z!

Dr. Billy Graham – If I am going to speak in Brazil, find me someone who speaks Portuguese… If I am going to speak to students bring me Toby Mac.

Toby Mac – Your broadcast… on the Z, is redefining Christian radio. Youth culture has been begging for a station like this for years! Keep hope alive…

Alex, 14 – Thanks so much for the Z ministry. I have pretty much stopped listening to secular music, and the other Christian stations are a bit too soft. I am witnessing to my friend Rob because of your QT prayer time in the morning! I know he is going to love Jesus once he sees how much Jesus loves him. Wish I could hear the signal better… I will pray for the station’s continued growth.

Patti (mom) –  I’m a single parent and heard about your radio station and checked it out.  It’s a great alternative!  I introduced it to my 16 year old son and he loves it as well. We’ve heard some great songs lately. Thanks for what you mean to my son! Keep up the great work!!!

Dale – Wofford College – Thanks for being there! You help me grow in the Lord…I’ve got 2 non-Christian friends on my hall listening to the Z now and they are starting to ask about the lyrics… so cool!

Mario, 17 – LOVE the new station @ 95.5. I have dreamed of one day there being a station like yours…I never thought it would come true so soon! You play the music the other stations won’t play, that totally rocks. I am a better Christian because of your… soundtrack to my life.

Kelly (mom) – I love listening to Radio Z, but I can only listen when I’m in Spartanburg (where I work). I live in Woodruff and the station dies out before I get there. My 14 year old would listen if she could get the signal; instead she listens to the crap on that 93.something station. She comes  to the Hangar on Wed. with her youth group, you guys are doing a great job and I thank you! I’m a 40 something mother of 3 and I’ve fallen in love with these excellent music groups and their awesome devotion to God. You guys are doing great, but if you could find a way to crank up the power a little, a lot of us down the highway would appreciate it. Thanks!

Steve (dad) – I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to look into my daughters room and see her on her face praying along with Seth listening to the end of Crossfire on the radio. She loves the Station, and her boldness with her friends for God is greater than ever. I hope you can use this gift to help more kids hear about the Lord. Thanks so much! 

Sherry, Broome HS I have been listening to The Z and I love it.  You have such a winning combination with FBC. God has blessed you greatly! So many of my friends have never heard of you … as soon as you get new Z bumper stickers let me know! I want to tell the world about Jesus on the radio! God’s blessings!

Derrik, 38- The music is awesome! Keep it up, that’s exactly what we needed, my sons and I needed something cool that we could all enjoy and that could help us get away from the lame secular music! MORE WATTAGE!!!! I love you guys!!!