Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Acts 7:10

Teen Devotion on Purpose, Joseph, Favorand rescued him out of all his afflictions and gave him favor and wisdom before Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who made him ruler over Egypt and over all his household. – Acts 7:10 (ESV)

Joseph in the Bible went through a lot of difficulties. First, his brothers didn’t understand him. They were jealous of him and treated him badly. Later in his life, Joseph achieved success in Potiphar’s house only to be falsely accused and sent to prison.

In the midst of all those troubles, Joseph didn’t let difficulty stop him from his purpose. He had a dream from God and even in the midst of setback and disappointment, he kept on going forward.

Today’s Key: Fulfilling Your Purpose Takes Grit

If you’re going to fulfill God’s plan for your life, you can’t be a wimp. In life, there are going to be circumstances and situations that come against you that will cause you to doubt your purpose.

Sometimes people aren’t going to be nice and supportive as you fulfill your purpose. That’s ok. What you’ve got to do is keep on doing the things God has called you to do. Like Joseph, if you keep being faithful and moving forward toward your dream, God will help you bring your dream to pass.

To accomplish the plans God has for your life will require you to stand firm in your purpose.

So today, choose to not give up on your purpose. Sure, circumstances and situations will come that make you doubt your purpose, but if you hold on to what God has called you to do, in time, you will walk out and fulfill the purpose God has for your life!