Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Colossians 1:9

School Success for Teens - Col 1:9 - DevotionAnd so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, – Col 1:9 (ESV)

Have you ever been sitting in school, learning a new subject and feel really overwhelmed? Maybe you felt like you weren’t learning things as fast as the students around you. That can be really discouraging. It’s scary to not understand a subject or feel like you’re falling behind in class.

Learning new things can be difficult, but the Bible does give us some encouragement about this. Today’s Bible verse tells us that we’ve been given a spirit of wisdom and understanding. And while this verse is often used in making big decisions like which career to choose or who to date, it can also be helpful when you struggle at school.

God loves you, and He wants to help you to understand things. He can show you ways to understand difficult subjects. He can help you when you struggle. So instead of giving up and feeling overwhelmed, today choose to go to God and ask Him for wisdom in your studies.

He may show you a new way to study, or help you find a YouTube video that explains a complicated math concept. Whatever it is, God wants to help guide you with your schoolwork. So today, if you’re struggling, go to Him for help. He wants to show you ways to succeed at school!

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