Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Colossians 2:10

Teen Devotion and Bible Verse - I Am Complete

and God has made you complete in Christ. Christ is in charge of every ruler and authority. – Colossians 2:10 (GW)

Do you have those moments where you wish that you were in a relationship? Or perhaps you feel like because you don’t have as much money as someone or aren’t popular that there’s something wrong with you.

It’s easy to feel like you need something or someone to make you feel complete.

Today’s Truth: I Am Complete

God’s truth is that you are complete in Jesus. You might not feel like you’ve got it all together, but feelings aren’t the truth. God’s word is the truth.

When God says that you’re complete, He means it. It’s up to you to believe it. So today, if you struggle with feelings that tell you that you’re not enough, don’t give into them. Realize that feelings aren’t the truth.

Choose to replace those thoughts and feelings that you’re not enough or that you’re not complete with truths from God’s word. In Jesus, you’ve been made complete!

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