Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Psalm 96:3

Daily BIble Verse on Sharing Your Faith

Tell people about his glory. Tell all the nations about his miracles. – Psalms 96:3 (GW)

Lots of people think sharing their faith has to be hard. Often, they don’t share their faith because they think they don’t know enough or that it’s too hard. Many times, however, you can share your faith in simple and easy ways.

For example, I was out on a walk and I met a young man on a bike at an intersection. Even though he had the right of way, he pulled over and let me go first. I smiled and thanked him, and then he did something really great. He said, “God Bless You”. He said three simple words, but you know what those words did? They immediately got me thinking about God. I started thinking about how great God was.

Granted, I was already a Christian and already excited about God, but what this young man did was extraordinary. He went out of his way to be nice and to let me go first. When he was done, he didn’t try to preach to me, or tell me all about his beliefs. He simply said “God Bless You”. What a great way to share your faith. It’s so simple, and yet so powerful.

What would our world look like if we all did simple things like this young man? What if we took some time out of our busy schedules and let someone else go first in line? What if we helped an older lady carry groceries to her car? What if we bought coffee for the guy behind us in line?

What would it look like if we started doing good in the name of Jesus? It’s simple to tell others about how good God is. You can start by being kind and spreading God’s love to those you meet every day.