Daily Devotional and Bible Verse – November 13

Daily devotional on seeking the LordYou will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. – Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)

If you’ve known about God already for sometime, you might read this Bible verse and think, why would I need to find God? Even if you’ve had a great relationship with God, there is always much more that we can experience and learn about Him. He wants us to experience Him in a more deeper way and know about His ways so that we can experience more of His love and goodness in our lives.

In order to really find God, this verse is saying that we must seek Him with all of our heart. We can’t casually try to seek God a little here and there and expect to really find Him. We must dive in and seek Him with everything we have in order to really find Him and get to know Him.

This type of seeking doesn’t happen on a Sunday at church. This doesn’t even happen if you only open a Bible once a week. This happens when you lay aside other things and place all your focus on finding Him that you truly get a break through.

It’s not that God is holding out on us and is only willing to reveal Himself to us if He sees we are seeking enough. This Bible verse is simply saying that our hearts were never designed to be able to focus on several things at once. We must choose to place our focus on one thing and that one thing alone to really get results.

Today, decide that your going to daily take time to seek the Lord. This verse assures us that when we do, we will find Him. You’ll never regret taking your time and focusing on the Lord.

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