A note from Angela

As you may or may not know, our midday host Angela was planning on getting married this summer. However, COVID-19 paused her plans with the closing of the border to Canada where her fiancé is from and they had to postpone the wedding ANOTHER YEAR!

But God is still good and worked through these circumstances. On June 21, 2020 Angela was able to get married! Here is the fun part, it was a secret until now! Her fiancé was able to travel down and Angela eloped with a pastor and photographer present. Very intimate and absolutely memorable. 

Here is what Angela says about her journey: “Honestly, because of the coronavirus crisis, we had to think on our feet. I tried to make it up to Canada when the border closed March 20, but was denied entry. It was pretty devastating to get rejected (and so harshly, the border officers were not kind at ALL). We found a loophole in Canada’s very strict restrictions. Brandon is able to fly down to the states! It’s super important that we get married so we can get our certificate to start the immigration process. I would love anyone who is going through a similar trial in their love story to know that the best way to face pain is to learn to adapt to it and almost lean into it. I have really benefited from counseling. I have learned how to ask for help. I’ve learned who my real friends are – the ones who reach out to check on me during this very trying season (it’s been 13 weeks apart from each other, right before we were supposed to be together to get married!) I have also learned how to love Brandon more deeply from a distance because even a few days with him is worth weeks and weeks of the pain that comes with missing him. He is that wonderful. If you find that one-in-a-million person, someone you connect with on such a deep level you could see yourself marrying them, do whatever you have to do to be with them. I knew if Brandon and I didn’t pursue a romantic relationship, I would always wonder what could have been and regretted not taking the leap.”

We look forward to having Angela back in the studio on Friday! Make sure you tune in and send her your happy wedding congratulations wishes!