Behind the Mic

Beacon Light

“I make music to make a difference, I believe what I have to say needs to be heard by everybody.” -Beacon Light

Beacon Light, an established artist from Grand Rapids MI. Proficient in a variety of music types from hard hitting 808s, creative wordplay, to poetic lyricism and emotionally packed chord progressions. But why make music with Christian labeled on it? Why make rhymes and write lyrics for the kingdom?

Beacon says,

“From my albums to my live shows, I want to take people on a musical journey that glorifies Jesus and embodies redemption. My life was a mess before Christ.” He goes on to say “I was sexually abused, confused about who I was, and very angry at God; but Jesus took me, embraced me, and showed me how to live. My life is better ONLY because of Him.”

He’s not afraid to Focus on the uncomfortable topics because that’s real life. Real people deal with the uncomfortable, the unmentionable, and the unbearable. Beacon Light experienced these things himself, and wants to point those who are experiencing those uncomfortable things to the only one who can bear them, Christ.

Brandon Clahassey (aka. Beacon Light) grew up a happy/energetic kid going to an Urban Christian School where he developed a love for Hip Hop, creative writing, cultural diversity, and basketball. One summer in the third grade, Brandon started getting abused and started using humor as a mask to cover it up. But that didn’t heal his pain, it only got worse as the abuse continued. He tried to cover his hurt up with sports, accomplishments, and parties but nothing worked, and as his hurt went deeper into college, he tried more ways to try and cover it up. “Imagine you were shot with a round of bullets, but instead of being rushed to the Emergency Room, you just put some Band-aids over the holes, put on your nicest clothes, and then went to a party,” says Bradon. “That’s what I was doing, walking around with spiritual bullet wounds but acting like I was okay.” He started writing as an outlet for his pain, but it wasn’t until Sophomore year in college when Brandon cried out to God and joined a Christian Men’s group. “Experiencing God is ten times better than any drug, drink, or sexual experience,” says Brandon. “Those are all short-lived pleasures. But God is forever.” He then transferred to Grace Bible College and declared a major in Biblical studies. Brandon was introduced to Lecrea’s music and realized his own musical writings could point people to Christ, the only one who can heal hurts and carry burdens.

He bagan writing recording and performing songs in 2007 and in 2011 married his wife and started a family. “My life is a picture of God’s redemption, life is blessed because of Him.” – Brandon Clahassey aka. Beacon Light