Winners and Answers

Winners and their Answers

Aug 17 – ShaNeka – Q. What’s the name of Andy Mineo’s first mixtape recorded as CLite. A. Sin is Whack
Aug 18 – Layne – Q. Lauren Daigle‘s favorite food that she actually made while on the air with one of our ZJ’s A. New Orleans Beignets
Aug 19 – Leah – Q. What year did the Z start broadcasting over the air? A. 2007 (30 years after Britt was a senior in Highschool)
Aug 20 – Jeff – Q. Which drummer from a Christian Rock band was a Z intern? A. Joey West, of Disciple 
Aug 21 – David – Q. Who is Luke and Joel Smallbones’s sister who was an accomplished artist before they were? A. Rebecca St. James 
Aug 23 – John – Q. Name a rapper we play who also pastors a church and where is it? A.  Trip Lee – Atlanta GA.
Aug 24 – Marrie – Q.  KJ-52 is in the Guinness Book of World Records, for what? A. Longest Team Freestyle Rap, 12 hours 2 minutes.