Beware of Drifting

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Drummond

KB hugged his wife in bed after awaking from a nightmare.

In his dream, she wasn’t there. His kids weren’t there. They had left him, because he had left God. His eagerness to glorify God in his music had slowly but surely faded as his eagerness to build a platform intensified.

It was just a dream. But maybe KB wouldn’t have been as shaken by his dream if it wasn’t so realistic. He’s self-aware enough to know that he’s capable of being ensnared by the same temptations that have caused other artists to drift from the Christian faith.

“My greatest fear is to fall away from Jesus,” KB said.

On his latest studio album Today We Rebel, KB released a song inspired by his dream, “Art of Drifting”, and he shared his heart behind the song in a new mini-documentary produced by Legacy, which features interviews with friends Joseph Solomon and Frank Gil.

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KB bares heart behind ‘Art of Drifting’ in new mini-doc