Be A Part Of Fireflight's New Record!



Read this letter from Fireflight’s pledge website and see how you can get involved in helping them make their new record!

“Over the past 14 years we have had the incredible privilege to create and make music. Music that comes from the heart and is inspired by personal experiences. Music that has resonated with so many people from all backgrounds, walks of life and different world views. We do not take this for granted by any means and realize that it is because of God and the faithful fans that we have been able to navigate the sometimes fickle waters of professional music.

As we move into this next chapter of our music career we know beyond any doubt that God and the faithful fans will continue to be our inspiration and support. By this next chapter, we mean the “independent chapter”. This next record will be a combined labor of love between Fireflight and the fans that encourage and uplift us on a daily basis. This is an exciting time for our band! A time that says anything can happen, no dream is too big, and everything is possible!

When we decided to enter into this “independent chapter”, we knew there would be no better partners in this endeavor than our very own fans. You’ve been with us since the beginning and for that, we are so very thankful!!!

As you can see, we have a few specialty packages available, and even fewer signed varieties…. But what sets this pre-order apart from others is that when you order any package listed, you’ll gain access to an early download of the new album before it hits stores + join our pledger-only blog where we’ll be posting exclusive videos and new music.

Releasing a new album is always exciting and promises to be an adventure each time…. We’re happy to have you join us for the ride!

x Fireflight”