Bittersweet News as The Z has a Change in the Guard

The Bitter news
as Cale Nelson- Music Director for the past 7 years of WHRZ 104.1 FM (Spartanburg SC) and its affiliates; recently announced his decision to leave the Z to focus on his family. Cale has been the driving force behind The Z format; working to broaden the sound of CHR while embracing the best Rock, Pop and Hip Hop Christian music has to offer. His masterful blend has brought a distinctive flavor to Christian Hit Radio that is undeniably The Z. We will miss Cale tremendously but are excited as he follows God’s leading in this new chapter of his life.

The Sweet news as Ken Farley-longtime friend of The Z, takes over as Music Director for The ZNetwork as of July 1st. Ken will be programming music for all Z network affiliates- WHRZ, HangarRadioZ, HisRadioZ and Ken brings over 20 years of radio experience to the mission of The Z and The Z team is thrilled to welcome him to the musical helm. Ken plans to build upon Cale’s current Z foundation and take the mix to new levels of connection with their listeners. Ken will handle tracking primarily through email ([email protected]) but will also take calls on Wednesdays between 2-4pm CST starting July 18th.
In related news- Charity Campbell ([email protected]) has been promoted from Z Promotions Director to Assistant Music Director and will be assisting Ken and Cale in the transition. Her number is 864.699.1767.


This was our official press release from July 1st and July 31st was Cale’s final day on this side of the radio. Wow! We are sad for sure,  but we look forward to his input as a friend and possibly Consultant in the future. Though his primary reason for leaving the Z was spending more time with his family as dad and home school headmaster, he is also becoming quiet the farmer!!


Cool logo huh?? His website is and as you pop through the site you can hear his passion for Faith Family and Food spring to the surface!

The next big question will be… do Cale’s cows give better milk listening to the Z in the morning, afternoon drive or evenings??? We already know they provide milkshakes durring Saturday Nights HisRadioZ broadcast…

The Z- …Life Turned up!