Matthew Parker releases B Sides to Noisetrade and goes #1


November 5, 2014

Los Angeles, CA (November, 2014) – Leave it up to Michigan native, Matthew Parker to show off his skills by entering his own remix contest he has going on for his track, “Shadowlands”. Famous for remixing artists like, Press Play, Andy Mineo, Capital Kings and Lecrae, Matthew Parker and Drom, announced the Shadowlands Contest a few weeks back. With only 2 days left (contest ends, November 7th) and close to 100 entries it’ll be hard to pick the winner for this.

Additionally, Matthew released the B-sides of his successful album, Shadowlands on Noisetrade. It debuted the first day #1 in the Dance Category and #5 overall. Download the B-sides album on NoiseTrade here.

To enter the Shadowlands remix contest and check out the prizes click here. To order his album Shadowlands click here.

For more information about Matthew Paker go to his page on

The story of DROM is one built in a pure passion and love for EDM music for years. Founded by Lance Brown and Dave Hanley, DROM (which is Swedish for “DREAM”) launched in early 2014. Creating it’s own sub-culture and signing premiere talent out (Matthew Parker, David Thulin and Unikron), DROM is forging ahead with great dance music for everybody to listen to.

Matthew Parker grew up in mitten-shaped Michigan, USA. He wasn’t especially interested in music as a kid, and it wasn’t until he was about 12 years old that he began to discover how much he loved making music. He and his brothers took to “jamming” in their tiny upstairs attic on junky electric guitars and a trashy yellow drumset. He could soon play guitar, bass, drums, and piano, and of course he could also sing with his little 12-year-old choirboy voice. His interest quickly shifted from simply playing instruments to recording his own original songs in his makeshift home studio. All was well until he fiddled around with some synthesizers on a program called Garageband, and his world was forever changed. Electronic sounds intrigued him and would become a huge part of his unique sound. His notoriety as a Christian EDM producer and artist came when, over the course of a few years, he grew a loyal fanbase online and performed well in a few remix contests. In early 2014, Matthew signed with Drom Records and began planning his biggest and best album yet. Shadowlands is the first album he released with Drom, and there are more on the way. Matthew wants to give all glory to God for what He has done and will do. The future is bright.