USA Today’s top 6 CHR Rappers

We here at the Z (staff and listeners) know full well the impact of the Christian rapper. But it seems like recently, especially after the Katy Perry/Flame lawsuit, CHR rap is coming more into the secular music radar. NF’s popularity has started to bring more of a respect to our beloved genre and excitement to all those wishing to follow in the footsteps of the greats.

USA Today recently wrote up a list of their top picks of the lot that they think people should keep an eye on. Rapzilla wrote up an article on what their thoughts of this list is. You can check it out HERE. We totally agree with their choices, however the misspellings of names does come with some comedy that Rapzilla explains while staying very respectful.

This is what USA Today says are the top 6 Christian Rappers in the industry. Check out their article HERE

#3-Andy Mineo
#6-Social Club Misfits
Do you agree with them?