#116 – Meredith Andrews


Meredith Andrews is a recording artist signed to Word Worship Music; she has released full-length albums under this label. Also a Dove-winning artist, Andrews is passionate about leading people to Jesus through her songs. Some of her most popular tunes include “Open Up the Heavens” and “Not For A Moment (After All).” She is intentional about her lyrics and how they will impact the kingdom of God, ensuring that her melodies are uplifting with a focus on our Heavenly Father. 

This devotion is prominent in her newest single, “God of the Living,” and the great anthem, “Live Out Loud,” which she released last year. 

“God of the Living”

“This heart is gonna dream again
These hands are gonna find new strength
These eyes will see the Promise Land
Cause I know who You are
Yes, I know who You are.”

Meredith speaks of rebirth throughout the song. I pictured the instances when I stared in the mirror, convinced that the best was behind me. Not to give weight to hostile forces at work in this world, but sometimes we don’t acknowledge how hard anxiety is to cope with. I know firsthand the physical pressure that is forced onto your chest, the weight you walk around with on your shoulders, literally and figuratively. I know the dizziness, the hyperventilating, and the worrying. But I also know God. 

And although it has taken time to accept, I fully believe He is still working today. Like Meredith sings, “In You, there’s resurrection life/So let what’s dead be raised up.” His miracles didn’t halt after all of the biblical accounts were penned. Instead, He’s here and working among us. Remember this hope when you feel hopeless or in pain, whether it’s similar to what I described previously or a completely different type of struggle. The suffering is real; I would never want to detract from that. Nonetheless, I don’t hesitate to proclaim God as sovereign above all my afflictions. He’s the God of the living and has you.



“Live Out Loud”

“My identity redeemed
My tomorrow is secure
I refuse to see through
Anything but faith.”

The phrase Meredith employs here, “I refuse to see through anything but faith,” speaks of how impactful our perspective is on our circumstances. Of course, optimism cannot combat darkness by itself, but having a positive outlook allows for an unclouded trust in Jesus. This leads to a stronger belief that He will come through as He always does. 

This song builds as it transitions into the bridge, and I cherished Meredith’s prophecy mixed into this melody with the lyrics: “This is where dry bones get back up again/This is where dead dreams come to life again/This is where faith can change reality.” Meredith has an incredible grasp of the Lord’s power, and her dedication to sharing this with others is inspiringly unique. I pray that this anthem will resonate with you, no matter what you’re going through. A perspective of faith is always applicable, and our God will always protect and provide; why not live out loud about those truths?

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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