#118 – The Worship Initiative


Based in Dallas, Texas, The Worship Initiative is a collective of worship leaders and songwriters. Contemporary Christian duo Shane & Shane founded this group with the initial intent of creating an online resource for churches around the world. The group’s mission remains unchanged, but its influence has dramatically expanded. Now, the Worship Initiative cultivates a powerful community ready to raise the praise of God with truthful yet beautifully melodic music. 

We’ll get ready for their upcoming album, Sunday Setlist #3, by diving into their most recent single release, “This Is Our God (feat. Shane & Shane).” This will be balanced with the “Christ Be Magnified (Live)” song from their last full album, Sunday Setlist #2

“This Is Our God” (feat. Shane & Shane)

“Now, those altars in the wilderness
Tell the story of His faithfulness
Never once did He fail, and He never will”

The Worship Initiative offers an incredible rendition of this catchy melody while highlighting its truthful lyrics. The depiction of the wilderness is accurate and heart-wrenching, as I know how often personal struggles can lead to such a feeling of isolation. Although circumstances can be rough, pushing ourselves into corners of darkness can also be easy. 

I encourage finding a positive community because being around others can work wonders. God didn’t place this many people on the earth for no reason; I can assure you that. Everything He does is beautifully designed for a reason. There’ll be a day when you’re strong enough to look back and see how He moved through unsteady times. It may seem impossible now, but “He bore the cross, beat the grave,” and He is capable of miracles beyond our most untamed dreams. “This is our God, this is who He is.”


“Christ Be Magnified (Live)”

“Were the whole Earth echoing His Eminence
His name would burst from sea and sky
From rivers to the mountain tops
We’d hear Christ be magnified”

This melody is special to me for many reasons. For example, memories from summer camp when I participated in a choir and sang loud worshipful declarations alongside many of my favorite people. It sunk in when looking out from the stage and seeing hundreds of people praising the Lord. This is what heaven is going to be like. 

More than any alleged magical experience, heaven is perfection in its purest form. All eternity will be spent singing praises to the Lord, and I can’t wait. So why not start practicing now? I urge you to declare this anthem in full force, if not out loud, at least in your heart. I’m excited to sing alongside you, wherever you are now, someday in heaven; let’s begin the celebration of worshiping our Heavenly Father now.


Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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