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Based in New Jersey, AOH Music is a three-piece band composed of vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno. The group embodies a stunning sense of community and together, has written and recorded more than 15 songs. They have also been known to put on incredible performances at numerous faith-based events on both coasts. 

Most recently, the trio recorded a three-song EP at the iconic Ocean Way Nashville Studios. More music is set to come this summer, but for now, we’ll dive into two fresh songs off the Live At Ocean Way Nashville EP.

Abba Father 

I am with You always
Until the end of all the age
You’re not alone here
My child, do not fear

The gentle words sung in “Abba Father” were precious in a unique way. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the noise of the world, and I have recently found such comfort in the quiet. I hesitate to label it as silence because this is when the Lord speaks the most. In the quiet. When distractions fade and our thoughts are quieted, He breathes life through motivation. 

Earthly fathers can be a touchy subject, that much I understand. However, if anything, I am here to reassure you that there is peace to be found in our Heavenly Father. As the lyrics of this anthem are spoken from His perspective, His devotion to us is clear. Even if it is just for a few seconds today, take a moment to let the outside noise cease and focus on His voice. The truth He declares will be worth it. 

Heal Our World

You have come to save us all
You give life through your love
You are the hope that feeds our souls
You are the one who can heal our world

This hope-giving anthem was something I needed to hear on this otherwise unremarkable Wednesday morning. I find it incredible time and time again how God chooses music to speak to His children. It is such a flexible medium, yet one so important to reach through because what we hear truly influences how we think. 

In this instance, the three members of AOH Music are spreading the good news of salvation. They speak of the protection of the Lord through His “mercy and love.” One of my most adored lyrics in the melody was “Your Grace is the fuel that keeps us strong.” I pray these words hit home for you just as much as they did for me today; no matter what storm is raging around you, the Lord will be there to keep you going. He truly is the Healer of our world. 

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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