#120 – Elevation Worship

Praise band Elevation Worship has been on my heart to write about for a while now, so when the opportunity came to cover their newest album, I took it. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, this worship group has taken the Christian music world by storm. Far beyond the notable names on their team, there is a commitment to the Lord that unifies the members and attracts all kinds of listeners.

Elevation Worship deserves gratitude for its unwavering commitment to keeping God’s truth at the core of its ministry, regardless of whether individuals seek hope or are ready to celebrate. They recognize that God remains constant throughout the various seasons people may find themselves in, and their music resonates with diverse audience members. Elevation Worship’s dedication to crafting songs that speak to the hearts of individuals in every season is commendable, and it serves as a testament to their enduring impact in spreading God’s message.

Here’s a look at Elevation’s newest record, Can You Imagine? Featuring worship leaders such as Brandon Lake and Chris Brown, these anthems were a joy to partake in. I hope you’re blessed by them as well. 

“More Than Able”

“Can you imagine with all the faith in the room
What the Lord can do, what the Lord can do
It’s gonna happen; just let the way maker through
He’s gonna move; He’s gonna move.”

One of the many things I cherish about the lyrics of Elevation Worship is their consistent dedication to empowerment. I don’t doubt for a second that each member has their own life with ups and downs. Nonetheless, even when singing about the struggles of this world, the words they declare are infused with optimism and hope to see God move in the future. This song was no exception; musicians Chandler Moore and Tiffany Hudson speak of “what if’s” but not the kind smothered in anxiety. 

Instead, as noted in the featured bridge lyrics, they embody an expectancy while resting in His presence. I want to reassure you today that faith conquers all. It can be easy to believe this only when life is going our way, but I’m working on making it my all-the-time mentality, and I encourage you to do the same. Our God is indeed “more than able” and “anything is possible.” Why waste my time doubting what He has already proclaimed to be true?


“Your love is better than life
I can’t even wrap my mind around it
One day here in Your house
Better than a thousand elsewhere, Your love
Keeps on runnin’.”

I approached this song with the intention of emphasizing the significance of bridging the gap between ourselves and God, acknowledging the distance we sometimes create. Whatever the reason, we often shy away from the vulnerable moments to keep up a rugged exterior. If God can already peer through that, I see no reason to hide from His grace. Continuing my note, although our figurative escape was mentioned, the melody emphasized God’s love for His children with much more enthusiasm. 

As musician Brandon Lake so accurately says, “Surely, Your goodness and mercy will follow me/Every time I turn around.” I appreciated him making Jesus the center of attention in this tune, and it’s clear that Brandon also puts Him first in his personal life offstage. We cannot expect to neglect our relationship with Jesus in the private moments and then go and publicly proclaim His name with success. Brandon does precisely the opposite of this negative possibility, and his apparent devotion allowed me to connect to this song even deeper. Turn back to the Lord; He has never stopped running after you and is ready for you to return. 

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.