#121 – 7 Hills Worship


7 Hills Worship is the worship team of 7 Hills Church, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with three locations spanning Kentucky and Ohio. The church also has an outreach ministry at a correctional facility and a streaming service online. The musical group embodies this desire to spread the Word of God with intense passion. Their newest album is aptly called Matters of the Heart, and I truly feel that as I engaged with the music, I saw the hearts of these members revealed. 

With gentle melodies and praise-rousing anthems alike, each song presented another side of the Lord for me to love. Taking part in the listening experience was perhaps the most incredible part of my day. I hope it speaks to you as well, and you can discover an overwhelming flow of joy through the tunes. 

My Revival

I feel the revival
Every heart beating in this room
Your wonder expected
Attention arrested
I just want to see you move

A smile spread across my face the instant “My Revival” started playing. The lead singer’s energy was unparalleled and the lyrics were a clear depiction of her dedication to God. I’m not going to lie, when I started writing this article, I was tired. Distracted and more than a bit burdened by all that I chose to take on during this season. However, this melody reminded me of God’s forever peace.

The truth is, Jesus’ love is unconditional. Rather than a human affection that fluctuates based on performance or worthiness, I have a backward sense of peace with the fact that I will never be enough to warrant the love of my Heavenly Father. There is nothing I could do to earn it and therefore, there is nothing I could do to lose it. That is never an excuse to go gallivanting in the ways of the world; rather, it is just excess proof of how endless His love is. If you are likewise bogged down by commitments, whether they be of the heart or of time, or something else entirely, take heart in this. Let the lightness of His love and the absence of obligation allow you to rise today. May He revive you in every weary corner of your being today.


Oh, What A Friend

And oh, what a friend I have in Jesus
And oh, what a friend I found in Him
And oh, what a privilege to know He’s always next to me

I have discovered through several strenuous years of public school and the depths of social media the many types of friends that exist. There are flaky friends and fake friends, friends who want to be more than friends, and friends who you forget why you’re friends with them in the first place. But God. Oh, but God. He embodies none of those negative personalities. In fact, he ditches all stereotypes in favor of purely adoring His children.

He is the friend who will never walk away and also the friend who loves at all times. Even better, He is never scared by any of our hidden extents that reek of darkness, because He is the fragrance of the light. Intoxicating with His passion and beauty all around. I pray that He will reveal this tenderness to you and that when you are in the most desperate need of a friend, you will look around and discover Him beside you, right where He promises He will be. 

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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