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SEU Worship is the music ministry of Southeastern University, intent on “reaching young people with the Gospel through worship music,” as their biography describes. The core artists are Sydney Wilson, Kenzie Walker, Dan Rivera, and David Ryan Cook, balanced out with rotating student members. The most concise summary of their unique music style is prophetic pop. Through catchy melodies and hit beats, they emphasize God’s miraculous power and how He works in ways we cannot always predict. 

This faithful fervor fueled their most recent project, Monday Morning Faith EP. I dive into one previously released melody and one song off the new six-track project.

“Heart Cry”

“I’m closing all the doors
To all that isn’t Yours
I’m only here for you”

I love their description here about distraction and its power against authentic worship. I’ve admittedly had days when I’ve stood, both in the congregation and on stage, swaying with my mind miles away. Some may say I didn’t “feel it.” However, I’ve learned that “feeling it” isn’t a mood we’re randomly stuck with; it’s a choice. 

The lyrics, “I’ll dig the trenches deep/Come Flood through the depths of me,” illustrate the effort we must put in before God can pour His spirit out. We don’t have to walk to Him and certainly don’t walk alone. But we must open our minds to His grace. We need to echo the deepest cry of our hearts to be one with Jesus. This fellowship is ingrained within us; I pray this song will inspire you to embrace that desire and move closer to our Heavenly Father today. 


“Monday Morning Faith”

“I want to meet with you more than Sundays
I want to know more than just my mother’s faith
’Cause that’s not enough to get through the rough
Oh, I need a Monday morning faith”

These lines in the lyrics are profound. When friends or family ask me how my relationship with Jesus is going (a question I adore because talking about Him is truly the best), I often rattle off my recent church attendance instead of responding.

And I’ll be the first to admit that recently, I’ve been missing church more often than I should. So in my case, and even for the most dedicated church-goer, there needs to be more than one service a week.

But even so, attendance isn’t the answer because that was never all God desired from His children. It’s the Bible reading, the prayer, and the effort we put into getting to know Him every day that counts. An often overused but effective analogy is keeping in touch with your best friend. How will you ever build a relationship with a once-a-month chat? The sad truth is that you won’t, and that’s why a “Monday morning faith” is beyond important. It’s not just a carry-over commitment; it’s a full-time love. Let’s revel in that and thank God for the opportunity to get to know Him today. 

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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