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Based in New Jersey, AOH Music is a three-piece band composed of vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno. The group embodies a stunning sense of community and have written and recorded over 15 songs. They have also been known to put on incredible performances at numerous faith-based events on both coasts. 

Most recently, the trio recorded a three-song EP at the iconic Ocean Way Nashville Studios. In preparation for their new single coming out this Friday, we’ll dive into two fresh songs off the Live At Ocean Way Nashville EP.

Abba Father 

I am with You always
Until the end of all the age
You’re not alone here
My child, do not fear

The gentle words sung in “Abba Father” are precious in a unique way. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the noise of the world, and I have recently found such comfort in the quiet. I hesitate to label it as silence because this is when the Lord speaks the most–in the quiet. When distractions fade and our thoughts are quieted, He breathes life through motivation. 

Earthly fathers can be a touchy subject, that much I understand. However, if anything, I am here to reassure you that there is peace to be found in our Heavenly Father. As the lyrics of this anthem are spoken from His perspective, His devotion for us is clear. Even if it is just for a few seconds today, take a moment to let the outside noise cease and focus on His voice. The truth He declares will be worth it.

Light of The World

I can’t live without You
I need You more each day 
I can’t live without You 
There’s no other way

God’s love is a constant flow, but I often find my own devotion to be more like an emergency room-ready pulse. Shaky and unsure, some beats detected by all watching and some so faint I can’t even tell if they occurred. This flakiness of the human condition makes me even more inclined to bask in his eternal grace, though. 

Just as AOH Music sings, “I need You more each day,” as I progress through life, I find even more reasons to adore my Lord. As a very structured person, I despise things that are not consistent. That fact alone makes me so grateful for his never-failing and never-ending love. The singers repeated it a few times in this melody, but it never hurts to hear it again. God, “I can’t live without You.” I hope He brings you to the same realization today, as painfully humbling as it may be; life will be all the better for it. 

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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