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planetboom, the youth ministry of the Australian-based Planetshakers Church, is dedicated to crafting unique moments where young people can encounter God. So far, they’ve released four studio albums, their latest being You, Me, The Church, That’s Us – Side B.

This project was designed clearly for listeners to encounter God’s presence as He works through these melodies. Creating every song involves hours of dedication and collaborative creativity from the band. They strive to connect with their audience in unique ways. In this week’s installment, I’ll talk about planetboom’s latest single, “Lion of Judah/One and Only,” and their previously released track, “I Will Follow You.” Let’s dive into these songs and explore their musical depth.  

“I Will Follow You”

“I’m all in to love You
My Saviour, Jesus, this is all for You
I’m livin’ to know You
Every day, hey, I will follow You.”

The lyrics to this catchy song contain a powerful message. The synth added a lot to the cheerful vibe of the music, bringing back memories of summer camp. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this song and its uplifting melody. As I danced away, I found myself absorbing the meaningful lyrics. I’m so grateful for artists who inject truth into their songs.

This song declares life dedicated to God and furthering His kingdom. The line “Every day, I will follow You” reminded me that I must live to emanate His light in everything I do. He is not a God limited to church on Sundays and youth group one day a week. He’s always around us and with us. Why do we pretend He isn’t?

How you follow Him may vary depending on the dreams and gifts He has bestowed upon you, but today I want to offer you a simple task as encouragement. Smile at someone you’ve never met before the day is over. Sometimes God works miracles and glorified healings, but He also works in what is seemingly ordinary. I encourage you to share that light today simply by channeling it into your actions. It’s incredible what can happen when we learn from the love of our Heavenly Father. 


“Lion of Judah/One and Only”

“Rock of ages 
King on the throne 
All dominion is Yours alone 
Lion of Judah.”

When we hear “lion,” we inevitably think of power, and as humans, we both revel in that and fear those who have more power than us. However, a concept parallels and contradicts these thoughts, and it took me many years to understand: the fear of the Lord. Our God reigns above it all, and sometimes we still try to usurp this reign.

Recognizing the Lord’s power is vital to building a relationship with Him. As it is our human nature to want to be the best, it cannot be easy to submit ourselves to the Heavenly Father. But He has ruled since far before us and continues holding the throne after we are long gone from this Earth. If you take away anything from this reflection, I hope it will be that our God is greater. He is far above us yet chooses us to adore. Let’s praise the one and only who loves without reservation. 


Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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