#126 – Phil Wickham


Contemporary artist Phil Wickham has been a staple in the Christian music industry for quite a while now. He’s the mastermind behind church hits like “This Is Amazing Grace,” “Living Hope,” and “Battle Belongs.” Recently, he released another fantastic single titled “This Is Our God.” The song has been gaining more and more popularity on radio in the past few months. Worship teams adore the melody and even played at my own service this past Sunday. 

In this week’s Worship Reflective, I highlight his newest rendition of the tune from Anaheim, California. I occasionally indulge in nostalgia and rediscover my affection for “This Is Amazing Grace.”

“This Is Our God (Live From Anaheim)”

“This is our God; This is what He does
He saves us
He bore the cross, beat the grave
Let Heaven and Earth proclaim
This is our God, King Jesus.”

Phil speaks in relatable terms of God’s grace, “Who pulled me out of that pit? He did, He did,” while referencing the despair of his past. The fleeting way he approaches it clarifies that he has a new life in God. The lyrics are an inspiration for those still struggling in the pits of pain. Following Jesus does not guarantee complete avoidance of affliction but ensures a companion in the trials. Jesus isn’t a genie meant only to grant wishes and immediately rescue us from hurt. He is so much more. He is the Son who saved, the Son who still saves, at the perfect time as decided by our Heavenly Father. It can be a brutal truth to grapple with, especially in the dark, but I pray for peace over all of you today as you discover that “This is our God, This is who He is, He loves us.”


“This Is Amazing Grace”

“You laid down Your life
That I would be set free
Oh, Jesus, I sing for
All that You’ve done for me.”

In these time-tested lyrics are years worth of power, wisdom, and understanding of God’s truth. With numerous questions about His character, our never-ceasing curiosity about our creator is acknowledged. It increases curiosity instead of extinguishing the desire to learn more about His love.

Therefore, when listeners reach the chorus, they are ready to sing of the wonder of the Lord. The lyric “I sing for” out of context could be filled with several phrases, choices, and unfulfilling motives. However, after being introduced to the ever-present nature of His love, there is no other option but to sing for Him. Only He can provide the dedication we long for. This grace will come over you as He loves you beyond measure. I pray your eyes will be opened to see Him.


Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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