#128 – Red Rocks Worship

Red Rocks Worship is the worship ministry that serves Red Rocks Church. Based in Colorado, the congregation has grown immensely since its founding in 2005. Leading their community in praise, these nine worship leaders are musically talented and incredibly devoted to God. They have garnered a notable following on both Spotify and their live broadcasts every week. However, without any inclination to further their worldly fame, each individual lives to serve our Heavenly Father. This humility has drawn me to their melodies time and again, and I pray it will have the same effect on you. Let’s look at two songs from their newest album, Ascend.

“Can’t Get Enough”

“How generous the blessing of Your grace and mercy
How faithful is Your presence, You are always with me
I’m captivated
So fascinated, Lord.”

Every time I dive deep into worship, I regret the moments I spend ignoring God’s presence. I lead with this, not to guilt-trip anyone, but merely to remind myself of God’s beauty. Something about our human nature makes us quickly forget about our passing promises to spend more time with Him. However, encounters change us forever.

There is such a drastic difference between saying I’ll read my Bible before I go to bed and stopping everything in the middle of the day to sit down and really listen to Him speaking through one passage. It isn’t the location, it isn’t even the format of the Word (likely it’s on my phone if I’m not home). It’s the fact that God is still more than powerful to speak through anything. As this power resonates within me again, I am reminded that I can’t get enough of Him. Red Rocks Worship has an incredible gift from God to get me back in this mindset. I pray their music will do the same for you.


“Only You Are Holy”

“Glory to God in the highest
Glory to God in the highest
With every breath, we will be singing
Only You are holy.”

After all else fails in the world, we will realize that only God is holy. But what if we could understand that before we burn through all the other options? We can recognize His power by rearranging our priorities to place Him at the top. 

The line “with every breath we will be singing” is such an inspiration to me. As a writer, I find it second nature to craft history into a story simply by using words. However, living out God’s truth in action can be harder sometimes and yet beyond influential to those around us. It shouldn’t just be the poetic breaths with which we sing of Him; it should be every one of them. He is the Almighty and deserves our devotion in each step we take. Let our lives reflect the truth that only He is holy.

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.