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Life.Church Worship was founded in 1996, with quite an interesting origin in a two-car garage. Now, the church stretches across state borders with 24 locations and an even wider reach through technology. One of their defining accomplishments is the popular YouVersion Bible App which Christians across the globe use every day. 

Focusing on their music, the worship team signed with DREAM Worship and released the album Grace Upon Grace last year. No matter what direction this new path takes them, they are confident they will remain passionate about their original mission. That is, “leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ through worship.” On top of that, they just dropped the record Sing As One (Live). We look at one song from each of these albums by this dedicated team of Christ followers. 

“Grace Upon Grace”

Jesus, I’m Yours
Forever I’ll surrender all my heart
I see it now, You loved me from the start
I won’t forget the faithful God You are

I absolutely love this victory song, and I think in the coming years, there will be many more of them. Jesus is returning, and the roars of affirming praise are truly amazing. I find it incredible how He promised His return while knowing the mistakes I would make. He saw all the areas where I was bound to fall short, yet He still provides us with the assurance of rescue. From the Earth that is not our home to the heaven that is, we will be rescued.

It’s a declaration of love far beyond anything I could ever comprehend, so I must embrace it or push it away. As for the latter option, I have tried many times, and the results never change. Failure is at the end of any road I attempt to venture down on my own. Only with God do I find my strength, so He is the name I will praise for all my days. Let Him be your battle cry today as you go out to face the rest of the week. “Grace has the final word.”

“Unstoppable (Live)”

We see You moving
Your Church is fully alive
We feel You burning
As You set our hearts on fire

The unleashing of pure joy in this song is such a fresh sound; I couldn’t stop listening. When I feel the void of emotion and I want nothing more than to slip into numbness again, God reminds me He has a higher purpose for me. And isn’t it incredible that part of His purpose is simply me being joyful?

For that reason, I refuse to be bogged down by the sorrow of this world and all that is temporary. That doesn’t mean I ignore grief or any of my other feelings. I will just acknowledge that they are fleeting, and my God is forever. On days when I feel I am at my lowest and don’t even want to climb out of the pit again, God loves to show me little signs of Him in the setting around me. It never fails to translate into that supernatural joy I long for, the one that He provides again and again. Let’s praise Him for that today; He truly is unstoppable!

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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