Tasha Layton is set to launch a new line of cleaning products later this year under the brand name, Never™, the same name as her most recent chart-topping hit track. The 3-piece cleaning kit will include a sponge, spray, and cleaning cloth. 

“I love being a mom,” shares Tasha. “It’s the best. These kiddos are the best. But some days, the little ones are just mess factories! And being on a bus makes it even harder to keep things clean. I have all these little messes to clean up, and then these big messes too,” Tasha said while nodding toward her band’s drummer in the corner. 

Layton’s husband, Keith Everette Smith, agreed: “It’s everywhere. Like, everywhere. Sticky. Marks. Spills. Handprints. One night, we found carrots on the ceiling, but we hadn’t had carrots in months!”

Layton wouldn’t give us any hints about her secret formula, but we believe it’s a mix of essential oils and that the cleaning power is simply all the brands fighting each other like a bench-clearing brawl. When asked about this, Layton abruptly left the room claiming she needed to answer an urgent call. We almost got the formula from a former keyboard player, but he stopped answering texts when we offered a partially used gift card in exchange for the information.

The product’s tagline–Like It Never Happened–continues the theme of the hit song.

Look for the Never™ products at your nearest Hobby Lobby, and Layton’s merch table later this year.