#132 – Lakewood Music


For the past 20 years, Lakewood Worship has supported Lakewood Church in becoming the largest church in Texas. The group of Texas-based musicians hopes their music will inspire others into unique worship moments like those in their previous albums.

Their most recent project, Shout! Reimagined (Vol. 1) EP is power-packed with featured worship leaders and incredible messages. I dive into two songs from the album. 

“This is The Day (Reimagined)”

“There’s a joy that overwhelms our souls
Cause we know our God is in control
Overflow, let Your favor pour out, Jesus.”

As I sat still bleary-eyed and blinking at my computer on this too-early morning, I was suddenly startled awake by the joyful noise of this song. Within just the first few seconds, the exclamations of praise are enough to show me the heart toward the Lord these musicians share. 

In a twist on the long-beloved melody, “this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it,” Lakewood Music adds specificity to the verses. As they speak of the renewal of His grace each morning, a new energy rippled through me. No matter how many people say that “tomorrow is a new day,” sometimes I can’t shake the mere amount of time that separates my mistakes from my fresh slate. However, through the power of Jesus, He remains constant and wipes those errors clean. When I turn to Him, He prepares me for goodness each morning. Even when the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, Jesus has. And as my yawns accentuate this typing, it is no lie as I say, thank goodness for that. 

“Shout! (Reimagined)”

“There’s a greater one that fights for me
Gonna march right up to the enemy
Oh, and I won’t leave
Until we have the victory.”

The perseverance Lakewood Music sings of in this melody can be hard to envision when just beginning the fight against Satan seems daunting. God is on our side, though; that is where our strength comes from. Alone, we cannot hope to muster the mighty strength needed to crush temptation and sin. However, when our Heavenly Father backs us, everything changes. 

Suddenly, our plea becomes a shout of victory. We can confidently declare, “I took back what was stolen from me.” The Enemy does not deserve your joy, nor has he ever done anything good to earn the piece of your soul he preys upon. On the other hand, God sacrificed His only son for us, an action of pure love. And though we shouldn’t need a reason to devote ourselves to Him, there it is. This love will never fade and will continue to bolster our fight if we recognize Satan as our enemy. God is on our side, and that deserves a shout.

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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