#134 – SEU Worship


SEU Worship is the musical ministry of Southeastern University, intent on “reaching young people with the gospel through worship music,” as their biography describes. The core artists are Sydney Wilson, Kenzie Walker, Dan Rivera, and David Ryan Cook, balanced out with rotating student members. The most concise summary of their unique musical style is prophetic pop. Through catchy melodies and hit beats, they emphasize God’s miraculous power and how He works in ways we cannot always predict. 

This faithful fervor fueled their most recent project, Heart Cry (Acoustic) EP. I dive into two acoustic songs off the new six-track project.

“Tell All My Friends (Acoustic)”

“There’s a whole wide world that needs to hear us
There’s a people who need the power of Jesus, yeah
And for every question, doubt, or wonder
For the people we love, we’ve got the answer.”

I have experienced the pain of watching loved ones miss out on pure joy. When love abounds for someone, you only want the best for them. I recently realized that try as I might, I can never be the “best” in every situation. I can be a shoulder to cry on, an immediate text response during the hard times, but I’m not the 24/7 solution. 

It was a harsh reality to accept as someone who tends to prioritize making others happy and invests deeply in relationships. While I don’t believe I am the only one capable of being a solution in any given situation, it is still painful to recognize that even when I push myself to the limit, I can’t always be present for everyone who needs me. And yet, when I sit back and think about it, there’s a reason for that.

God doesn’t want us bending over backward for everyone we love because then we will never focus on ourselves, and, more importantly, we will never rest long enough to let Him hold us. Allowing God to flood our loved ones with His adoration is the ultimate form of love, even beyond caring for them. Take a step back and breathe, knowing they are in His hands. And if they have yet to discover this love, I urge you to start the conversation, awkward as it may be. He is well worth it. 


“Monday Morning Faith (Acoustic)”

“I want to meet with you more than Sundays
I want to know more than just my mother’s faith
’Cause that’s not enough to get through the rough
Oh, I need a Monday morning faith.”

The above song lyrics captivate me.

When asked about my relationship with Jesus, I often mention church attendance instead of honestly discussing Him. And I’ll be the first to admit that my absences have recently been adding up. So, in my case, and that of even the most dedicated church-goer, one service a week isn’t what counts. 

It’s the Bible reading, the prayer, and the effort we put into getting to know Him every day that counts. An often overused but effective analogy is keeping in touch with your best friend. How will you ever build a relationship with a once-a-month chat? The sad truth is that you won’t, and that’s why a Monday morning faith is beyond important. It’s not just a carry-over commitment but a full-time love. Let’s revel in that and thank God for the opportunity to get to know Him.

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.

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