#139 – Lecrae, Torey D’Shaun, Danielle Apicella, & More…

Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.

Lecrae x Tasha Cobbs Leonard – “Your Power”
Grammy, Dove, and Stellar award-winning artists Lecrae and Tasha Cobbs Leonard team up for a powerhouse, rhythmic single. Two industry staples in their respective spaces join their superpowers as an emcee and a worshipper collectively create a masterpiece. ‘Crae has a knack for including a choir on a track whenever possible. When gospel choirs and hip-hop are infused together, the end result is quite beautiful leaving a resonating smile on the faces of listeners. 

The track starts off with the beautiful tones of a choir before ‘Crae powers in with witty lyricism testifying of the strength of the Lord. In the background are echoes of booming bass and organ tones interchanging throughout. Tasha Cobbs Leonard handles the chorus and some brilliant verses of her own. Honestly, it’s one of ‘Crae’s strongest tracks since “Tell the World” featuring Mali Music. It’s empowering, uplifting, and an energy boost for the soul. Stream “Your Power” on Apple Music here.

Torey D’Shaun – “Peep”
Independent artist Torey D’Shaun returns with only his second single dropped in 2023. He’s not one to smother his faithful fan base with constant drops, however, each release is one of the most anticipated on any given Friday. Reigning from East St. Louis, D’Shaun strives to change perspectives while handcrafting soul-squeezing, head-bopping music. He’s an outlandishly versatile artist capable of nearly anything. 

“Peep” may be one of his most innovative tracks to date. It’s a downpour of musical genius production-wise dancing between the sounds of a club heater, an 80’s mixer, and a cult classic. The simplistic, yet powerful use of synthesizers, bass, high-hats, and snares beautifully gather into an infectious compilation. It’s almost like “Beats 101” as producers could learn an entire semester’s worth of knowledge breaking this one down. Don’t fear, D’Shaun’s content isn’t to go unnoticed either. It contains more faith-driven wordplay gems than a diamond mine. “God put me on game ’bout a lot of things / He didn’t beat around a burning bush, He made it plain,” speaks D’Shaun. Personally, this is up for single of the year. Stream “Peep” on Apple Music here.

Danielle Apicella – “Yours”
Reflection Music Group’s (RMG) lone female artist Danielle Apicella released her first single of 2023. “Yours” is a melodic conversation about love, relationship, and faithfulness. Just when some question authentic R&B is absent in the Christian space, Apicella offers a soulful reminder. In the past five years since her debut in 2018, she’s matured into one of the premiere vocalists. Her musical display of art is transparent, relatable, and honest. Sprinkles of her faith interjected are pleasant reminders that love and faith are a married couple. 

As told by Apicella herself, “this is a love song about someone who was once a stranger, but now they feel like home.” She took the core elements of R&B such as an acoustic guitar, gentle strokes of ivory keys, soft taps of a high hat, and translated love into written form. The blending of eras of music related to the 50s, 90s, and modern-day are evident. Her vocal capacity is wide, yet delicate when stretched. The range is a beautiful thing for the listener’s ears to capture. All packaged together, the single is a soulful treat to the heart. Stream “Yours” on Apple Music here.

CHH and Urban Soul Albums & EPs

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  • Another Year by Jude Barclay
  • Glory Hour by Victory
  • Losing Myself in the Moshpit EP by K-SEE
  • For Your Glory by N!X
  • My R.O.O.T.S by TFL

More CHH and Urban Soul Singles

  • Social Club Misfits feat. Tommy Royale – “The One Out The Friendzone (Kevin Aleksander Remix)”
  • Mogli the Iceburg – “AIN’T LIKE THAT”
  • Kirk Franklin – “All Things”
  • Naomi Raine feat. Todd Dulaney – “We Agree With Heaven (Live)”
  • S.O. – “Good Time”
  • Futuristic x Nachaash – “The Hate”
  • Juicy! – “Soon!”
  • GRAHAM – “Wasted Time”
  • VILLAGE KNG feat. DJ Skillspinz and Latori Wilder – “AFRO FRONTIER”
  • SiahthyLegend x Not Klyde – “JALAPENO FREESTYLE”
  • Caleb Gordon x Alano Adan – “Rocky Road 3”
  • Hilgy – “SCARS FREESTYLE (Churchhill Downs Remix)”
  • Xay Hill feat. Emanwheezy, Darnell Nate, Yaki, Josiah the Great, and QweenK – “Go Getters”
  • Jawn O. x Swoope – “We Go On”
  • Tylynn – “Gentle in Spirit”
  • Byron Rhodes – “Better”
  • Bianca Rose x Guvna B x Madison Ryann Ward – “Grace”
  • E.i. the King feat. Parris Chariz – “Finding Me”
  • Lil Red – “Look Out Below”
  • Mic Wise feat. Cyrus Sonata – “Roadkill”
  • Nu Tone feat. Thi’sl and Travis August – “Outlaw”
  • iNTELLECT feat. Procyse and Dex the nerd who loves Jesus – “GO!”
  • Jay Bizzze – “GO GET IT (Freestyle)
  • Chis Elijah – “Gloria Glue (Out the Way)”
  • DANMAR – “Ride”
  • John Michael Howell – “Sick of Love Songs”
  • Matt Mogg – “can’t quit”
  • Titus Haskins x Joseph Goulding – “Use Me”
  • Khiy – “Masterpiece”
  • Zachary Heider – “God Is Good”
  • mainetoowavy! feat. Jphantom – “KICK ROCKS!”
  • CallemJJ feat. Cole Isaac x Kemvr – “To The Sky”
  • J1W x Luke Johns x Xay Hill x Jamil x Chris Elijah – “WIN”
  • Still Blessed Music x Shirlvin Desir x TBABZ – “Your Love”
  • Jeremiah Paltan x KDNS – “Nobody Like You”
  • Izaiiah – “Steady”
  • DEON – “can’t live without you”
  • Byron Woo feat. Verseatile – “The Crooked”
  • Tay Collier x Kimani Jones – “Mandate”
  • Elias. – “Rich in Love”
  • FOEVA feat. Chris Tollefson – “Boost”
  • Danon Rowe – “Forever”
  • Paul the Messenger – “Patterns”

Joshua Galla is an audiophile hyped about all forms of art in music, but his passion rests behind CHH and soulful vibes. He’s a devout husband, father, and child of God. Concerts are his happy place.