#146 – Mission, A.I. the Anomaly, HEAVENONEARTH, & More…

Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.

Mission – “Marvelous”
The review for this single will be posted shortly.

A.I. the Anomaly x Carolinah Blu – “Don’t Eat Crow”
The review for this single will be posted shortly.

The review for this album will be posted shortly.

More CHH and Urban Soul Albums & EPs

Listen to these on our CHH Spotify Playlist

  • In the Woods by medisin
  • Saints Sell White Too by Legacy
  • Self-Titled (Beanies & Snapbacks) by Beanies & Snapbacks
  • TOO WAVY II by mainetoowavyy!
  • I Don’t Have All the Answers, Nor Will I Ever, But by Ross Millet
  • The Young Lion by Vonte Grace

More CHH and Urban Soul Singles

  • indie tribe. – “RICH”
  • Trip Lee – “Glory”
  • Mali Music – “My Worship”
  • Jay-Way – “Never Look Back”
  • Phil J. – “Surreal”
  • R-Swift – “Clout Race”
  • Spencer Kane – “All My Life”
  • DJ LostNFound feat. Franky Bells x Jered Sanders – “Beautiful”
  • Raging Moses – “Knight Skies Over Knob Hill”
  • Kurtis Hoppie x Roy Tosh – “MOONLIGHT”
  • Cephas feat. The Resistance and Datin – “Every Knee Shall Bow”
  • Reece Lache’ – “WHAT?”
  • Paul the Messenger – “distracted”
  • Shem Rivera – “Without You”
  • Amar – “Just About Done”
  • BigGucciDame – “HALLELUJAH”
  • Xay Hill x Jabert Roberson – “Put the Work In”
  • Q-Flo – “Showtime”
  • Nu Tone x Arize feat. Amanda Sessions – “Al Cien”
  • SiahThyLegend x jayRCHH – “automatic”
  • JXYD3N x Xay Hill – “Losing My World”
  • Byron Rhodes – “Love Letter”
  • Rehmahz – “My Dey”
  • CalledOutMusic feat. Becca Folkes – “Age to Age”
  • Jay Steezy – “2twenty2” (MAXI SINGLE)
  • HYLEM feat. Scootie Wop – “GOD I’M SORRY”
  • God’s Music x Battz x Q-Flo – “By Faith”
  • Alex Jean x IG Chat – “Tap In”
  • John Michael Howell – “Loneliness”
  • Joseph Madigan x Nachaash – “Fighting Myself”
  • Titus Haskins feat. Charis – “No Service”
  • Foeva x Cconsciencee – “Paved A Way”
  • JAYY – “Set With You”
  • ASAP Preach – “Dead”
  • Dave Hall feat. Mitch Darrell – “Trading”
  • GED x Stevie Rizo – “El Shaddai”
  • grantdakidd – “I’M A WREAK!”
  • Christian Brading – “Take Me On”
  • Shirlvin Desir x GAV – “Rivals”
  • Tobi-A – “My Desire (Acoustic Version)”
  • 02solus – “talk to me”
  • Elijah Kyle – “EGO”
  • Lazarus! – “Congratulations”
  • BRB Music feat. PreacherZay – “No Games”

Joshua Galla is an audiophile hyped about all forms of art in music, but his passion rests behind CHH and soulful vibes. He’s a devout husband, father, and child of God. Concerts are his happy place.