#148 – J. Monty, indie tribe., NK4, & More…

THE CHH DROP WITH JOSHUA GALLA, #148 - J. Monty, indie tribe., NK4, & More...

Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.

J. Monty – “Meteorite”
Independent rapper J. Monty returns with his fifth track released during season three of the Testify series. J. Monty has been releasing a visual with every track throughout the series including the lyrics. The inclusion of the lyrics is crucial as he’s one of the best lyricists in CHH now. His wordplay has levels on levels to it. It’s the type of content that requires multiple listens to catch exactly what J. Monty is attempting to verbally convey. “Meteorite” is based on 2 Timothy 3:1-4 revolving around the seconding coming of Christ Jesus to earth. Even though the 808s demand center stage, the overall production is top-notch. Stream “Meteorite” on Spotify and Apple Music.

indie tribe. – “SLIDIN”
The indie tribe. collective is back at it again with their second single released this summer off their forthcoming sophomore album. June gave us “RICH” and now we have “SLIDIN.” Mogli the Iceburg admitted this is his personal favorite song ever made as a collective. The track was produced by Waui and 1995 hence the boom bap BODEGA! correlation. Jon Keith not only contributed the hook for the single but delivers the opening verse followed by one of Mogli’s strongest contributions and lastly Dyllie’s iconic flow. Keith continues to display versatility between bars and harmonies. Mogli can flip between lyricism and that grunge rock-n-roll vibe and Dyl. provides some of the wittiest and humorous wordplay dominance. The hope of the tribe. is listeners can lean into Jesus as they confront and overcome the pitfalls present in their own lives through the testimonies of the artists. Stream “SLIDIN” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Authentic by NK4
Bay Area’s (California) NK4 is a “jack of all trades” within the music industry. He wears many “hats” such as an audio engineer, producer, graphic designer, artist, rapper, and a genuine worshipper of our Lord Most High. Part of the GLO collective (Miles Minnick, CJ Emulous, Tahi, and himself), NK4’s influence is smothered throughout Minnick’s artistry. The term “authentic” possesses multi-faceted meanings for NK4. It’s to be covered in truth, true to self, and someone who is who they say regardless of how they act or perform. 

Some favorite tracks of mine from his debut album are “Breath” featuring the GLO collective, “God Gon’ Shine,” and “Lead Me.” NK4’s legacy is all ministry, all the time. He grew up in the church and it’s evident throughout the album. His content is God-breathed, west coast drenched, and filled with enough energy for listeners to throw out their backs or at least a few neck cramps from bobbing their heads too much. Minnick and he share similar soundscapes, but NK4’s gritty delivery and sporadic flow make it a sound of his own. Stream Authentic on Spotify here.


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More CHH and Urban Soul Singles

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  • Dee-1 x Childlike CiCi x Kieran the Light – “In My Bible, In My Bag (Remix)”
  • Sarah Juers – “Oh God, Hold Onto Me”
  • Jude Barclay x Swaizy – “PA MI”
  • Tylynn – “Staying Faithful”
  • L. Dejuan – “POV”
  • Arik Nelson – “Never Leave”
  • Red Tips – “How It Gets”
  • JLYN x Beacon Light x KPR – “Get It Right Now”
  • YP aka Young Paul – “The Chase”
  • KELO – “3AM in Milwaukee
  • Sharp Dialect – “2D”
  • Mic Wise – “YAMEAN”
  • DedgeP x Xay Hill – “Melodies”
  • Nu Tone feat. Kidd Lee – “I Don’t Care”
  • John Michael Howell – “Fire Away”
  • God’s Music x QEW x JJL – “Kelo”
  • Kojo Dave x Vibes & Glory x Jordan May – “Renounce”
  • Still Blessed Music x Naffymar x Tbabz – “Go”
  • DANMAR – “Death is Dead”
  • Titus Haskins – “Comatose”
  • Kateri B x Mike Teezy – Lover of My Soul”
  • ASAP Preach feat. Tyson James – “Way Up”
  • Forward Nation – “Bump in the Night”
  • Jamil – “Show Up”
  • Dante Raddd – “Crest”
  • Elijah Kyle – “LIFE SUPPORT”
  • 99 APEX – “Plans For Me”
  • Paul the Messenger – “Look Up To You”

Joshua Galla is an audiophile hyped about all forms of art in music, but his passion rests behind CHH and soulful vibes. He’s a devout husband, father, and child of God. Concerts are his happy place.

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