#151 – indie tribe., Mike Teezy, tylerhateslife, & More…

THE CHH DROP WITH JOSHUA GALLA, #151 - indie tribe., Mike Teezy, tylerhateslife, & More...

Each week, dozens of singles and a handful of projects are released in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) and Urban Soul spaces. Below, we listen to a few highlights and list the rest for your own discovery. As always, follow our New Christian Rap & Hip Hop playlist on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to all the latest.

L O W B L O W by indie tribe.
The review of this sophomore album will be posted shortly.

Mike Teezy – “Worship”
The review of this single will be posted shortly.

tylerhateslife – “leave it to beaver.”
The review of this single will be posted shortly.

More CHH and Urban Soul Albums & EPs

Listen to these on our CHH Spotify Playlist

  • Summer ’23 Playlist (Completed) by Reach Records
  • Pain Talk  EP by Corey Paul
  • POV EP by K-Drama
  • For the Kingdom EP by King Chai x GodFearin
  • Yield to Pedestrians EP by K-SEE x Christopher Syncere
  • The Persistence Project by Eli Keen x Xay Hill

More CHH and Urban Soul Singles

  • Sareem Poems x Terem – “What Up?”
  • Tylynn – “It Is Well”
  • Kemvr x Parris Chariz x Silver Steph – “Postal”
  • Jaylon Ashaun – “Pretty Girls (Acoustic)”
  • Beacon Light x Silverberg – “Battle Me”
  • GRAHAM – “write me in”
  • Jeremiah Paltan – “Only Jesus”
  • Angeloh – “God When”
  • Donutello x Kidd Lee – “Safe N Sound”
  • Solachi Voz – “MUZZLE CAR” (YouTube Exclusive)
  • Nu Tone feat. V.Rose – “Wait on Me”
  • adamariz feat. callemjj – “LEVANTARA”
  • Wingy Danejah x Toyalove x Childlike Cici – “Everybody Dance”
  • God’s Music x Alcott x DJLC x Jack Tyler – “Come Back”
  • Shirlvin Desir x Christ United Music x RVIVXL x Swaggy Jay – “FAKE WRLD”
  • Pacaso Ramirez – “Juggernaut” (Maxi Single)
  • Maranda Curtis – “Let Him In”
  • John Michael Howell – “Little Bit of Love”
  • Joseph Muniz x Ilish – “Agua Viva”
  • Austin White 711 x Jai Lynn – “Living Water”
  • Zachary Heider – “prayers!”
  • Dre Beeze da Godson – “ACTIVE”
  • Sam Jamz – “Intoxicate Me”
  • Titus Haskins x Abstract – “Nikon”

Joshua Galla is an audiophile hyped about all forms of art in music, but his passion rests behind CHH and soulful vibes. He’s a devout husband, father, and child of God. Concerts are his happy place.

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