#31 – Disciple, Set For The Fall, With Blood Comes Cleansing

Can you believe that 2023 is already halfway done? We’ve had so many great music releases already and plenty more to come. Whether you’re a fan of independent bands or the major artists that shape the industry, you can depend on NRT to keep you up to date on those releases, with the Rock Report focusing on rock and metal.

Disciple is going on tour with Relent for a short tour. Festival season is also in full swing with Kingdom Come Festival in Indiana, Alive Music Festival in Ohio–or my local favorite–Crown of Thorns Festival in Montana. I hope you’ll be able to find your favorite artists at these festivals and upcoming tours. We’d love to hear about your experiences at these and more. Until then, here are the newest releases in the Christian rock and metal world.

Disciple – Skeleton Psalms

One of our favorite Christian rock bands at NRT is the southern rockers in Disciple. For over 20 years, they’ve been creating hard rock and metal music for fans to encourage them in their faith and strengthen them in their struggles.

Their thirteenth studio album has been released, and it’s easily the best yet. Some songs such as “The Executioner,” “Bad Words,” and “Bow Down” are definitely some highlights. Lead singer Kevin Young explains, “Every single song is intertwined and connected with each other.” Rock fans need to check out this new record, as it will be a highlight this year.

Set For The Fall – “Product of Pressure”

There’s a rising band in the Christian hard rock world you need to be aware of if you haven’t heard of them and their recent milestone of over 4.5 million combined streams.

Set For The Fall is bringing some pounding hard rock focused on spiritual struggles, faith, and mental health. Their latest single, “Product of Pressure,” is an anthem that is also a debut for the band–the first in 5 years. The band has taken to sharing behind the scenes of the songwriting process on their social media pages, with more to come. If this is the rising standard of Christian rock, we are in great hands. I’m anticipating more music from Set For The Fall soon! 

With Blood Comes Cleansing – “Euanglion”

The fathers of modern Christian deathcore music have returned with some explosive debuts in 2023–With Blood Comes Cleansing is back! Their first single, “Pericardial Effusion,” was a blistering track focused on Christ’s suffering on the Cross. Their second single brings more well-deserved attention with “Euanglion.”

This new song is a call to return to the truth as they call out hypocrites and false teachers in the church. To hear more about their return, new music, and faith journey, check out their interview on the KingdomCore Podcast. I’m excited about the new music from With Blood Comes Cleansing. They sound better than ever.

Listen to these new releases on our New Christian Rock Playlist and New Christian Metal Playlist on Spotify and Apple MusicCheck out both playlists and consider giving them a follow and share. I hope you find some new artists and bands that you will love.

Other Christian Rock/Metal EPs or Albums
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  • Burial Extraction – A Shadow of Things to Come
  • To Die Elsewhere – under gods

Other Christian Rock/Metal Singles
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  • Underneath the Gun – “As Within, So Without”
  • Descriptor – “Redeemer”
  • Searching Serenity – “The Lands Between”
  • Fallstar – “Insight”
  • Cultist – “Suffering By My Own Hand”
  • Dire – “Break the Skin”
  • Inborn Tendency – “Herdless”
  • Sight Recieved – “Devotion”
  • Guardians of the Secret – “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”

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