5 Bands with a Cause

I often hear people complaining about how corrupt the world has become. And it’s true. Since the Fall of man–the day sin entered the world–the world has become a dark, evil place. But what if, instead of complaining about how wicked the Earth is, we chose to do something about it? What if we stopped closing our eyes to evil and instead opened our eyes and extended our hands to love and peace? What if we could become beacons of light to a dark world?

Some people are doing just that. And we can get involved with them.

Over the years, I’ve watched bands like Passion Music and for KING + COUNTRY use their platforms for the greater good. Whether it’s translating scripture to those without access to the Word of God or helping free victims of human trafficking, these groups have become beacons of light. Instead of turning away, they have turned towards the broken.

I want to highlight five bands who are doing more than making music. They’re the hands and feet of Jesus to the world. Planet Earth will always be broken, but we can make a change in our cities and communities to make the world a better place.

Passion Music

Passion Music is a byproduct of Passion Conferences. Since the conference began in 1997, Passion has been gathering college-aged students from across the globe to lift the name of Jesus. The result has been thousands of lives changed and millions of dollars spent to aid various organizations.

In 2013, Passion Music and Passion Conferences partnered with End It Movement, a group working to bring awareness to modern-day slavery. Alongside the International Justice Mission and other organizations, the End It Movement brings light to the multi-billion dollar human trafficking industry. During the historic conference 2013, 60,000 students raised over $3.1 million to help fight human trafficking. But Passion didn’t stop there.

In 2020, the conference introduced students to IllumiNations, a new organization that collaborates with other groups to eliminate Bible poverty.

 One billion people live in Bible poverty, meaning they have little or no access to the Word of God in their native language. Passion and IllumiNations aim to change that.

Since announcing their partnership, Passion has raised approximately $3.5 million for IllumiNations. You can get involved with IllumiNations and take the 12 Verse Challenge by visiting IllumiNations.bible.



Few people are aware that human trafficking even exists. This topic has been ignored by many and is a sensitive issue that people tend to avoid talking about. But millions of people are victims of this evil. Thankfully, some aren’t afraid to raise their voice and bring light to human trafficking. Among those unafraid to bring awareness is for KING + COUNTRY.

In 2016, Joel and Luke Smallbone, an Australian brother duo, established the Priceless Initiative. It’s an organization that aims to rescue and restore those oppressed by the modern-day plagues of sexual exploitation, suicide, psychological distress, and identity confusion, all of which undermine human worth.

In addition, the brothers have also produced a movie named Priceless, along with a popular song of the same title, to raise awareness about human trafficking. Thanks to their efforts, countless individuals have become more aware of this multi-billion dollar industry.

If you’ve ever attended a for KING + COUNTRY concert, you’ve heard Joel and Luke talk about their initiative. Joel and Luke emphasize that every woman in the room–and globally–is priceless.

According to StopTheTraffik.org, around 71 percent of trafficking victims are female. At every show, for KING + COUNTRY places value back on women and lets them know that they are worth much more than prostitution and a price tag.

You can get involved with the Priceless Initiative here.

Remedy Drive

Alternative rock band Remedy Drive also has the initiative to fight human trafficking. Lead singer David Zach has partnered with The Exodus Road, an organization that battles human trafficking, for years, so he’s seen firsthand the heart-breaking reality of this unspeakable crime. In response to what he’s seen working on the frontline, he released the album Imago Amor (Latin for “image of love”) in 2021. 

“These songs are shaped by the sorrow and hope accompanying frontline work in the modern abolition movement,” David shared when the album debuted. “In my partnership with The Exodus Road these last eight years, I’ve witnessed traffickers attempt to strip the dignity, loveliness, and humanity of women and teenagers.”

Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road are working to bring dignity, loveliness, and humanity back to women.

Through their songs and concerts, Remedy Drive has been a pivotal voice in the fight against human trafficking. The work David Zach is doing is inspiring, and I can’t wait to see the reach they’ll continue to have. Please look at how you can partner with Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road at RemedyDrive.com.



Not only does alternative rock band NEEDTOBREATHE make some fantastic music, but they’re also making a difference in their community and the world. Since 2014, the group has utilized its platform to aid in global initiatives through its organization, NEEDTOBREATHE Cares. If you’ve ever attended any of their rock concerts, you’ve most likely heard lead singer Bear Rinehart’s passion for the causes they endorse. The band is dedicated to making a difference, which makes me love them all the more.

In recent years, NEEDTOBREATHE has committed to supporting two organizations, For Others and OneWorld Health. The latter brings healthcare services to developing countries, while the former provides aid to children and families in the foster care system.

The reach NEEDTOBREATHE has had is astounding. During their 2021 Into The Mystery Tour, fans raised over $1.1 million to support For Others, and since 2014, they’ve donated $7.3 million to OneWorld Health. Those incredible numbers have impacted the lives of more than 730,000 people.

The way the band uses its platform to serve others is inspiring. Whether it’s their local community or a city thousands of miles away, they keep finding ways to use their music and fanbase to bring change. Join the NEEDTOBREATHE Cares initiative here.



It would only be a helpful NewReleaseToday article mentioning Switchfoot (I didn’t sneak them into this article just because I’m a big fan). Switchfoot is doing some incredible work for their hometown of San Diego. I had the honor of volunteering for Bro-Am last year, so I’ve seen firsthand how they impact their city.

Switchfoot’s annual Bro-Am beach event is wild in the best way possible. Over 17,000 people descend onto Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California, to hear great music and watch surfing legends hit the waves. But beyond just hosting a fun beach event, Switchfoot is known for its annual charity work at Bro-Am. The proceeds they get from their annual beach fest support local youth initiatives.

At this year’s event, they’ll support organizations like A Step Beyond, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Feeding San Diego, Monarch School, and Save the Music Foundation. After volunteering last year, it was touching to see the work they do for the kids in San Diego. Seeing how they champion their city, and the less fortunate families was inspiring. It made me smile watching disabled kids play their instruments alongside Switchfoot and children from all different backgrounds and cultures learn how to surf.

Volunteering with Bro-Am was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to be part of it again this year. You can learn how to volunteer and donate by going to BroAm.org.


Grace Chaves is NRT’s News Editor and one of our youngest writers. She’s been part of NewReleaseToday since 2019 and will continue her writing journey by majoring in Writing at Point Loma Nazarene Univerisity in the fall.