6 of Our Favorite Sibling Bands

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, 6 of Our Favorite Sibling Bands

Since my coworker Selena Schulz joined NewReleaseToday, it’s been a running joke that we’re the “NRTwins.” We have brown hair and glasses, and everyone says we look identical. We don’t think we look all that similar, but we’ve fully embraced our role as NewReleaseToday’s “NRTwins.” We’ve become great friends since she joined the team three years ago, and we even went on a weekend vacation together last summer. We’re sisters at heart, so we’re the perfect duo to be writing this article together.

Some of our favorite Christian bands are sibling groups. Many Christian bands are a family affair, from Martin and Franni of We The Kingdom to Jon and Tim of Switchfoot. Today, Selena and I are going to highlight six of our favorites. Let’s go ahead and jump in.

Grace: Switchfoot makes another appearance in one of my articles. If you’ve been reading NewReleaseToday for a while, you know by now that Switchfoot is my all-time favorite band. I’ve seen them in concert many times over the past two years, and I always love watching the dynamic between Jon and Tim Foreman. The two brothers have been making music for the past 25 years, and–as anyone with siblings knows–that is quite an accomplishment.

In an interview with Way Nation in 2018, the brothers admitted that (no surprise) they often disagree when writing songs. But the two continue to stick it out with each other, and they’ve made the world a better place because of it.


We The Kingdom

Selena: Contemporary Christian band, We The Kingdom, has taken over the music scene in the past two years. Their gentle flow between genres is bound to draw the listener in as they cater to many different stylistic tastes. This diversity in the sound most likely stems from their multigenerational mix of members. 

We The Kingdom comprises Franni Rae Cash Cain, Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Martin Cash, and Andrew Bergthold. The first four of those mentioned bandmates are related, and those that don’t emphasize that they’re still bound together by faith. Some of their hit songs include “God So Loved,” “Holy Water,” and “Child of Love.” Their newest self-titled album, We The Kingdom, contains some fantastic tracks, and I highly suggest you listen.



Grace: The sibling trio CAIN rose to fame in 2020 with their song “Rise Up (Lazarus).” Since then, the group has continued to release hit after hit. Their latest single, “I’m So Blessed,” is impacting radio, and their success shows no signs of slowing down.

CAIN is comprised of siblings Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain. The three siblings are all close in age, and, ironically, all three of them had babies within just a few months of each other last year–two girls and one boy. Perhaps when the babies get a little older, they’ll continue their parents’ legacy, and the music of CAIN will live on through them. Truly, CAIN is a family affair, and I hope it will stay that way for generations to come.



Selena: The iconic contemporary Christian music (CCM) duo for KING + COUNTRY has had my heart since the first song of theirs I heard. Consisting of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, their well-known tunes have been sweeping across a global audience for many years. 

In keeping with the theme of family ties discussed in this article, they recently released the song “Unsung Hero.” The tender lyrics show an incredible bond between the lead singers and their parents. We love seeing connections like this cultivated in the CCM world and beyond. Music has an extraordinary power, and for KING + COUNTRY is especially apt at yielding it for the good.



Grace: for KING + COUNTRY isn’t the only brother duo making music together. In 2020, brothers Garrett and Darrick Cline used their off-time during the pandemic to reach back into their ongoing music project: CLINE. The brothers are touring musicians for country artist Dylan Scott, but they wanted to tap into their own musical ideas to pursue CLINE. While they still tour with Dylan, they’re also releasing new singles as a family band. Alongside Garrett and Darrick, Garrett’s wife Jacquelyn beautifully brings her vocals to each song.

CLINE is one of my favorite family bands, and I know they’re only getting started. They released their latest single, “Worthy One,” in February and hinted that new music is on the horizon. Please keep an eye on this trio because big things are in store for them.


The Young Escape

Selena: The Young Escape, hailing from Southern California, brings a refreshing sound to the CCM industry. I adore this group for many reasons, most notably their heart-wrenching song, “Count on Me.” “Love Me Like You” is another hit they dropped at the beginning of their musical journey. Even if none of these song titles ring a bell, you’re sure to be inspired by their story. 

A new resounding of indie pop comes from siblings Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten, and Luke Johns. Their collaboration is a precious feat that few can master but the family itself. This relation is the foundation for the incredible flow featured in their music. As I am biased toward “Count on Me,” I would direct you toward that song, but while you’re at it, listen to their newest single, “Worship You There,” as well.


Grace Chaves has been a fan of all things Christian music since 2016. She is NRT’s news editor, and one of NRT’s youngest writers. Homeschooled, Grace is an author, loves Jesus, concerts, and road trips. Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.