Alive City Song Featured in Dude Perfect Video

Earlier this week, Christian independent pop band Alive City shared that one of their songs was featured in the latest video by star YouTuber group Dude Perfect. Their song, “Rev It Up (feat. Tryhard Society),” was featured in the video titled “We Put A Rocket In A Football.” The video, holding over 4 million views currently, shows the Dude Perfect team face off in several different sport-themed challenges, while the song can be heard throughout the video.

Dude Perfect is one of the biggest creators on YouTube, with 60 million subscribers and well over 16 billion views. The sport/comedy group has featured many Christian songs in their videos such as ones from Tauren Wells, Capital Kings, Manic Drive, and others.

Although an upcoming name in the Christian music world, Alive City are no strangers. The group has been releasing music since 2017, gaining a fanbase with their upbeat and relatable pop songs. Alive City released their debut album, Welcome To Alive City, in February 2023. The album features many of their hit songs, including the breakthrough hit “Only Ever,” which currently has over 10 million plays on Spotify alone. In celebration, the band just released a stripped-down version, “Only Ever (Strings Version),” on January 12.