Christian Music as a Tool for Evangelism

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE FEATURE, Christian Music as a Tool for Evangelism

Christian music has long been a powerful tool in expressing and spreading the message of faith, offering a unique blend of musical artistry and spiritual inspiration. Through heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, these songs can touch hearts, uplift souls, and transcend boundaries. In this article, we explore how Christian music is a potent medium to share the message of faith with a broader audience, delving into examples of impactful songs and the testimonies of those touched by the music.
Newsboys, “I Speak Jesus”
Christian music often delves into universal themes that resonate with people from all walks of life. Love, hope, forgiveness, and redemption are some of the central themes that find expression in these songs. By addressing everyday human experiences, Christian music can attract a diverse audience and become a bridge for connecting people through shared emotions and struggles. “I Speak Jesus” is a great example. It proclaims freedom in the name of Jesus—freedom over fear, addictions, and anxiety. “I just want to speak the name of Jesus/’Til every dark addiction starts to break/Declaring there is hope, and there is freedom/I speak Jesus.” This song encourages using the name of Jesus for healing and transformation. “Shout Jesus from the mountains” amplifies victory over challenges.

Phil Wickham, “I Believe”
It is uncommon for contemporary star Phil Wickham to perform evangelistic songs. He usually stays in the worship space. But “I Believe” packs a punch. He not only introduces listeners to Jesus, he proclaims it. In his proclamation, Phil gives listeners a 101 about Christianity: “I believe there is one salvation/One doorway that leads to life/One redemption, one confession/I believe in the name of Jesus Christ.” The song is not just for Christian listeners but for everyone.
The emotional impact of Christian music is undeniable. Whether through energetic praise songs or contemplative worship melodies, these songs can deeply move listeners emotionally. The music can provoke powerful feelings of joy, peace, and inspiration. The music can provide solace during difficult times, encouragement during trials, and a sense of joy and gratitude during moments of celebration.
Besides Phil’s “I Believe,” the classic “I Can Only Imagine” by the iconic band MercyMe resonated with audiences worldwide, capturing listeners’ imaginations as they ponder what it would be like to stand before God. The song’s raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics have offered comfort and hope to many who have faced loss and adversity.

Ben Fuller, “But the Cross”
The lyrics in “But the Cross” by up-and-coming artist Ben Fuller convey the transformative power of the Cross. They reject shame and fear’s lies about our past and potential, asserting that we’re loved and forgiven through the Cross. The song emphasizes that worldly voices may doubt, but the Cross defines our worth and offers a new beginning. It’s a message of redemption, grace, and faith prevailing over doubt.
The lyrics express the transformative nature of faith, asserting that through the Cross, we’re loved and forgiven despite the accusations of guilt or hopelessness. Ben shares his own experience of having been in a place of doubt and despair, only to find that the Cross heralds a new beginning and an end to falsehood.

Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music, “Talking To Jesus”
Many Christian artists share their testimonies through music, allowing listeners to connect more profoundly. These testimonies provide a glimpse into the artist’s faith journey, revealing vulnerability and authenticity that can inspire and encourage others in their own walks of faith.
“Talking to Jesus” by popular worship bands Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music gives testimony-like lyrics that many listeners can connect to: “Mama used to drag me to church/Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights/Khaki pants and a polo shirt/Boy, I put up a fight/She said, ‘Son, one day you’ll thank me/For having God in your life’/And, yeah, I know she was right/Yeah, my mama was right.”
The famous contemporary artist Cory Asbury’s testimony of God’s unwavering love has struck a chord with worldwide audiences with his smash hit “Reckless Love.” Cory’s heartfelt expression of surrender to a loving God has encouraged countless individuals to seek a deeper relationship with their creator.

Jon Reddick, “I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)”
These lyrics passionately proclaim a strong belief in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The song emphasizes the conviction that Jesus is not just a story but a living testimony of God’s immense love and sacrifice. When people come to Christ, many are passionate about sharing the Gospel with the world. They want their friends and family to experience the freedom and love they’ve received. “I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)” by contemporary artist Jon Reddick illustrates that passion: “I can’t deny it/If I said, ‘I got here on my own,’ I’d be lyin’/’Cause my eyes have seen the goodness of the father, oh/We’re the ones he loves, we’re the ones that he so loves, oh/And I can’t deny it, oh, no-oh, say.”

for KING + COUNTRY (feat. Jordin Sparks), “Love Me Like I Am”
Christian music can reach beyond the confines of church walls, impacting individuals who may not regularly attend religious services. Christian musicians for KING + COUNTRY, Lauren Daigle, and Chris Tomlin are a few artists who’ve garnered hits outside Christian circles. “Love Me Like I Am” by for KING + COUNTRY is a moving melody whose lyrics have resonated with a global audience, touching hearts and encouraging them to delve deeper into their faith. The brothers have collaborated with mainstream artists, such as pop artist Jordin Sparks.
Christian music is a powerful tool to share the message of faith with a broader audience. Through universal themes, emotional impact, personal testimonies, and outreach beyond church walls, these songs can touch lives, inspire hearts, and draw individuals closer to their spiritual journey. As Christian artists continue to use their God-given talents to create meaningful music, the message of faith will continue to resonate with people worldwide, fostering unity, hope, and love.

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