Convictions Announces Upcoming Album

Convictions has announced the release of their upcoming full-length album Fear of God with the drop of their latest brutal single, “Buried in Thorns.” The album is available for pre-order at, where you can also find the new single.

“‘Buried in Thorns’ addresses domestic violence and the profound impact of familial betrayal while seeking strength and redemption through faith,” lead singer and primary songwriter Michael Felker explains. The song was inspired by the nightmare of abuse that one of Felker’s friends experienced growing up.

She’s never gonna sleep again, and the scars you left are the reason/Battered and bruised, a broken youth, this curse was left unspoken/She’s never gonna dream again, her heart won’t beat, it’s broken/Tattered and torn, buried in thorns, her innocence was stolen.”

The sobering storytelling is supported by equally brutal instrumentation, with fierce riffs and gut-punch drum fills. The vocals rip through the airwaves with a violence befitting the harm “Breaking the Thorns” uncovers. 

This song is the latest single revealed from Convictions’ upcoming album, which now has a name and a release date: Fear of God will be releasing on August 2. Pre-order bundles and presave options are live now. Past singles “Hurts Like Hell,” “Four Horses,” and “Sleeping Lotus” hint at the apocalyptic themes listeners can expect from Convictions on their next studio outing. 

“The album delves into personal and societal issues, from inner turmoil and loss to spiritual awakening and the quest for salvation,” Felker explains. “This album is our most personal and introspective work to date. It’s about facing the darkest parts of ourselves and finding the light on the other side.”

Find “Buried in Thorns” and pre-order Fear of God now at