for KING & COUNTRY Announce Unsung Hero: Live From The Bush

April will be a massive month for the duo, for KING & COUNTRY, as the two brothers celebrate their family’s Australian roots with the release of their film, and Inspired By Soundtrack, Unsung Hero, on April 26.

Following their massively successful, filmed on-location specials, Drummer Boy: The Live Christmas Special, and What Are We Waiting For? The Worldwide Special, the recently announced Unsung Hero: Live From the Australian Bush, will up the stakes in the already impressive trilogy of live events.

After bringing everyone together for Christmas during the worldwide COVID pandemic in 2020, and pulling off an impression concert in the middle of the Mojave Desert just two years later, Joel and Luke, along with their full band and camera crew, will be airlifted and dropped into the middle of the Australian Bush. There, they will survive for three days, broadcasting a live show via satellite before being picked back up. 

“It’s a tad bit daunting,” shared a nervous Luke. “The land is uninhabitable. There are no people. And plenty of wildlife.” 

“Like wombats,” added Joel. “I hate wombats.”

Wombats will be the least of the boy’s worries. Notoriously cute, but ferociously territorial koala bears, venomous snakes and poisonous spiders, and predators like the famous Tasmanian Devils are plentiful.

Overall, the event should be another successful live stream from an extreme environment that continues to elevate the band above their peers.