Jason Gray’s Car Gets Stolen

Recently, Jason Gray shared a story on his social media about how his car was stolen, but with help from the Nashville police and Centricity Music’s Kory Henkel, Director of Marketing and Communication, it was recovered.

“After calling the police, I realized that my guitar pedalboard was in the car and had an AirTag in it, and sure enough, I could spot where my car was,” Jason Gray posted. “So, as I waited for the police to come, my buddy, Kory, did the act of friendship of the year and drove to where it was, which was a really rough part of town. I’m not sure what he would’ve done if he’d spotted the thieves, but thankfully, he found a police officer there, and together, with me texting updated AirTag info tracking my car from one place to the next, they found it.”

Although the car was found, Jason’s wallet was stolen. He recently posted an update on the situation, and you can watch it here.

“Lesson learned: Put an AirTag in your vehicle! Consider this my PSA,” Jason concluded. “Shout out to my buddy Kory. Wow. Thank you, thank you. And also to Nashville Police Department.”

Aside from Jason’s recent chaos of having his car stolen, he’s gearing up to release a brand new album this fall. To stay updated on the album’s release, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.