Julie Elias Releases New Single to Christian Radio

Following the soaring success of her title track “The Dreamer,” independent artist Julie Elias is back with another evocative offering: “Stampede.” This release is the second single from her recent 16-song album, The Dreamer.

Born during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Dreamer album is a testimony to Julie’s journey through emotions, loneliness, and the challenges faced by an independent artist. While the title track carved a niche with its heartwarming message, “Stampede” is set to further amplify the resonance of her voice amidst the chaos of our times.

“Stampede,” drawing inspiration from Isaiah 35:4, delves deep into the theme of divine refuge during life’s upheavals. It is a song of seeking and finding sanctuary amidst life’s storms.

Produced by the versatile Julie Elias herself, “Stampede” is crafted to touch hearts, offering solace and hope in overwhelming times.

Alongside the radio release, a captivating lyric video has been unveiled. It’s available to view here.

Her inaugural single, “The Dreamer,” has already clinched significant recognition. It debuted at #1 CRC Weekly and was featured in #2 CRC Monthly and #3 CRC Quarterly.

In Julie’s own words, “God is not done with the dreamer YOU’VE become. Embrace the journey, find hope, and let’s dream together.”