Live in New Orleans: A Chat with Bethany Music

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Live in New Orleans: A Chat with Bethany Music

Bethany Music is a vibrant community comprising singers, musicians, and songwriters who are deeply dedicated to their mission of serving God’s people through the power of music. With a burning passion for songwriting and leading others into God’s presence, this team strives to create a profound impact on listeners.
At the core of Bethany Music’s vision is to release fresh, captivating sounds that uplift and inspire and draw individuals closer to God. Beyond the boundaries of conventional worship, Bethany Music aspires to see God’s miraculous work unfold through their worship. They believe worship can help people with the divine, transcend earthly limitations, and unleash the supernatural. Through their heartfelt music, Bethany Music aims to create an atmosphere where God’s presence can be tangibly felt, transforming lives and facilitating spiritual encounters.

What message do you want to convey to your listeners through your music?
We’re excited for our listeners to hear the God-breathed anointing on each song—we felt like God gave us prayers to sing. We want people to experience Jesus in their cars, homes, and churches. We want to create worship environments in unusual places and praise environments in dormant spaces. We want the record’s songs to give hope to people who have stopped believing and provide a fresh wind to people who are already believers. We want them to grow in a deeper personal relationship with Jesus as they sing and hear these songs.
Tell us about a few of your most recent singles from your new album, Live in New Orleans.
A few of our most recent singles are: “Easy to Worship,” “Just One Drop,” and “When We Praise” A passionate group of worship leaders wrote these songs over a period with a sincere focus on God’s heart. In writing these songs, we wanted to speak about the blood of Jesus, what he has done for us, and how we encounter Him in a whole new way when we worship from that place. Writing them was a joy because we knew God was doing something special. We were so excited to release the music, knowing that each song was unique and ready to be heard by the world.
What do you feel people need most as they come to worship God?
People need freedom, joy, meaning, and peace. Ultimately, we feel that people need spiritual ammunition for their lives. These songs would be weapons for people to use against the enemy. These songs have been crafted to fight against depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and any of the instruments the enemy would use to come against God’s children. Our passion lies in the freedom and self-discovery individuals can achieve through their faith in Christ Jesus.
What’s next for you musically?
We’re recording new music in the fall and looking to release it in 2024. We also want to do another live record. There is something special about capturing what God does in the room when His children worship him in spirit and truth. We believe in God for spontaneous moments of explosive praise and worship, praying that He will heal people in the room and those who hear this live record. We pray that this next record will spread worldwide and that people will encounter Jesus because of the anointing in each song.
How can we pray for you?
Pray that God would continue to give us a vision of what His people need and how we can facilitate those needs through worship. Also, please pray that God would get glory from this record and that it would give people the opportunity to lift his name on high. Pray that the gospel will be pushed forward in churches, communities, families, and secular environments. Lastly, pray that God would anoint each singer to bring forth worship that is pleasing to him. We want to create a fragrance that is pleasing to the Lord.

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