Metalcore Newcomers, Heal the Hurt, Launch with Debut Single

Metalcore newcomers Heal the Hurt have launched in a big way with crushing debut single “Withering,” a song that walks into the chaotic heart of a panic attack. “Withering” is available on all major streaming services here.

Heal the Hurt is the brainchild of frontman Trevor Tyson, a longtime industry expert, and mental health advocate who is stepping into a role as vocalist for the first time. The band is completed by players Jarob Bramlett on drums (also of The Protest) and bass player/vocalist Alec Gregory. “Withering” was co-created with studio support by Nick Gregory (AsFireFalls), Joel Isler (Cliffside), Michael Felker (Convictions), Josh Sturm (Lacey Sturm), and Ryan Leitru (For Today).

Thematically, “Withering” dives deep into the heart of what it’s like to experience panic disorder. As thundering guitars and guttural vocals rise to a fever pitch, the song holds up a mirror for anyone who has dealt with intense anxiety to feel seen.


For singer and writer Trevor Tyson, it’s an experience that is personal. In September of 2022, after a major festival and producing the livestream event Choose To Live, Tyson found himself mentally, emotionally, and physically collapsing.

“I ended up in the hospital severely burnt out,” he admits. “I was withering. In the hospital bed, I had to make a decision: ‘I can’t live like this anymore.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know what it looks like, but I need to open myself up to whatever God wants me to do.’ From then on, I had to drop my pride and be open to learn.”

As it turned out, opening that door led Trevor into Heal the Hurt–a dream he’d long talked himself out of. 

He muses, “There’s something about facing death in the face that makes you realize your mortality, that makes you prioritize what is truly in your heart. Unbeknownst to me, the ideas I’d been having were not for other bands. They were for me. I was not accepting that because I was fearful of people jumping to conclusions or realizing I was depressed. So I would mask. ‘Withering’ is me taking those masks off and showing everything.”

The band has also released a corresponding music video directed by John Fleischmann. In lockstep with the song, the music video takes the viewer into Tyson’s inner world as he battles the hellish moments of a panic attack.

The song sets the tone for everything Heal the Hurt wants to be about as a band: a declaration that music can still be used to heal the hurt in people’s lives. The band will continue to release tracks embodying that ethos throughout 2024.

“This is everything I want people to know. If I’m remembered after death, this is what I want to leave to people. I believe there’s a lot more living to do, and I believe there are a lot more people who need to hear this message. Everybody seems to be having an identity crisis. I hope that these songs meet them where they’re at,” Tyson says earnestly.

You can listen to “Withering” here. If you’re struggling with your own mental health and in need of support, visit or If you’re in an immediate crisis, call 988.