Pipe Bomb Releases New Single, ‘Concrete’

Pipe Bomb is back with their new single, “Concrete,” fresh off the heels of their “Stomp” EP (February 2024). Although their new single has the same aggression, grit, and chaotic energy as their previous work, it leans more into the heavy rock ‘n roll sounds of bands like Every Time I Die and He Is Legend.

Veering away from the stale, breakdown-centric metalcore of the late 2010s, Pipe Bomb channels dissonance and disorientingly catchy riffs into their new single, ending with a sludgy outro that will resonate heavily with fans of late 90s heavyweights like Converge.

Lyrically, “Concrete” tackles the growing trend of deconstruction in the Christian church, pointing out the sad reality of theology bending to accommodate politics and culture.

“When I wrote this song, I pictured someone pouring concrete for the sidewalk and smiling, waiting eagerly to sign their name in it,” vocalist Mitchell Layton says. “This is how some new Christians are: so excited and all-in, laying a permanent foundation for the rest of their lives. If you asked them to give up their life right there and then for God, they would. That’s how dedicated and sure they are. But wait a couple of years, then what happens? Piece by piece, the culture around them seeps in like weeds through the concrete.”

Layton doesn’t mince his words, taking aim at the ideological inconsistencies deconstructionists face: “Once you ignore scripture, you go down a path to deconstruct not just your faith but everything in your life. When you become your own god, who’s to say you’re wrong? If everything is relative, then what’s real?”

The lyrics in the song hint heavily at Christians who abandon their faith in order to justify the sin in their lives and in the world around them, saying:

“So, you wanted out?

Wanted back in?

Sick for your home

Sick for your sin.

Hell-bound in ‘love’

Narrow the gate

Call everything outside you ‘hate'”

While there are certainly gray areas to deconstruction and the Christian walk, “Concrete” serves as a warning shot to those entertaining the thought, showing that even something as sure and strong as concrete can eventually be broken.

Pipe Bomb’s debut single, “False God,” hit the ground running and gained them exposure on platforms like the Kingdom Core Podcast and NewReleaseToday’s Apple Music playlist, “New Christian Metal.” Their follow-up EP, “Stomp,” solidified their presence as a force in the modern Christian metal scene. The title track continues to dominate on The Blast’s The Implosion Chart and CMW’s Loud Chart.

“Concrete” from Pipe Bomb will be available to purchase or stream on June 26th via The Charon Collective right here. It will also be available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and other outlets  the same day.