Remedy Drive Releases New Single, ‘Steady’

Remedy Drive Releases New Single, “Steady”

Second song from upcoming album reflects on readying our kids for the real world

Remedy Drive Releases New Single, 'Steady'
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May 13, 2024
Rock band Remedy Drive has been feverishly preparing their next studio album, and have released two songs from it so far this year. The latest single, called “Steady,” released today May 31st, and is streaming everywhere.

About the song, frontman David Zach wrote in a recent email to the band’s list:

Happy last day of May 2024. The second single from our upcoming album is out today. Steady is a special song to me. One of my friends said to me once “The world has fangs, and someday those fangs will turn on our kids”. That feeling you get when you drop your kid off at kindergarten for the first time, the first time they are stolen from, the first black eye, the first fall from the swing set, the first time driving on their own, and then when they eventually drive away into the real world. You hope you’ve equipped the kid to navigate the complicated world, and you hope and pray for divine guidance and protection.

Steady, go. Careful please when snares are on your road. Vipers and thieves are hiding out beyond these walls. I won’t be there to break your fall. Steady til you finally find the light.

Ready, steady, go. I hope you love this one. Timmy Jone’s drums are aggressive as always, Dave Mohr wrote some tender guitar lines and Philip Zach is plugging away on those bass lines in his signature style. Please listen on repeat so that the algorithms show it to more people. That would be a huge help to us as we launch these songs out into the world.

Much love to you all,


Check the song out on Spotify here:


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