Rend Collective’s Ali Gilkeson To Release A Hopeful Children’s Book – TCB

Families are always looking for encouraging and hopeful storybooks for their family reading times and now Ali Gilkeson of the Irish folk band Rend Collective offers the imaginative My Lighthouse: A Story of Finding Your Way Home (WaterBrook; on sale 6/18/24), which was inspired by Rend’s platinum-selling song of the same name.

The imaginative story woven through My Lighthouse: A Story of Finding Your Way Home is set in Gilkeson’s homeland of Ireland and it’s wonderfully paired with whimsical illustrations by New York Times bestselling illustrator Lee Wildish.

Fynn has always lived in a lighthouse—just like his father, and his father, and his father before him. His dad insists that living in a round house with a big lightbulb on top is special, but Fynn doesn’t see how. All he knows is that it’s weird—and often inconvenient. Exasperated by trying to fit all his favorite things in a round house and tired of being so different from everyone else, Fynn runs away from his lighthouse, seeking adventure on the sea. But when the winds and waves rise and things get very, very dark, Fynn finds that the light he needs most is the one that he’s known all his life.

“I wanted to write a book that gave kids hope. Fynn is a character who I feel a lot of us, especially kids, can relate to. He is a kid who doesn’t like his house, his lighthouse, and essentially runs away to find adventure. In this day and age there are a lot of children who feel lost and alone,” Gilkeson says.

My Lighthouse is a book that can bring joy and hope into that circumstance and start helping children understand that God is a safe guiding light who is constant and is always leading them home.”

Children will get swept away in Fynn’s adventure and parents and other caregivers will appreciate the lessons of hope and gratitude that shines through this sweet storybook.

Inspired by Rend Collective’s hit song of the same name, My Lighthouse: A Story of Finding Your Way Home is a memorable tale families will return to again and again.